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Find out your monthly repayment for your renovation loan.


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Renovation Loan Amount must be between $5,000 to $30,000

Loan Tenure must be between 1 to 5 years

Note: Effective Interest Rate (EIR) – 5.60% and 5.41% respectively based on 60-months loan tenure and inclusive of 1% handling fee and 1% insurance premium



Your monthly repayment schedule is as follow
  Month Interest Rate Beginning Principal Monthly Installment Interest Paid Principal Paid Ending Principal

Next Steps

For Single Applicants (Online Application)

Prepare the supplementary documents to be submitted along with your application. You may find a guide on how to prepare your documents here.

Click here for a detailed guide on the application process.

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For Joint Applicants / Non-owner Borrowers
Download the application form and send it to us with the required documents to:

DBS Bank Ltd (CP No. AH0025)
Orchard P.O. Box 360
Singapore 912312


  • The computation above is for indicative purposes only and is not an offer of credit facilities. Credit facilities are granted at the discretion of the Bank.
  • The Bank accepts no liability for errors or omissions, nor for any loss arising from use of or reliance on the calculation herein.
  • To assist you in your planning, we are pleased to provide upon request at any of our branches, loan repayment schedules in respect of our home loan packages.
  • The maximum loan amount and loan tenure is subjected to prevailing regulatory requirements and the bank at our absolute discretion is entitled to review the facility.

Note: The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) has published a consumer guide on home loans. You are encouraged to the guide before committing to any home loan. The guide is available on the websites of ABS and the Monetary Authority of Singapore in the four official languages. You may also obtain a copy of the guide at any of our branches.