Retirement Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this calculator work?

We first work out the amount you’ll need for retirement based on your lifestyle selections. Then we project your current savings and investments up to retirement age and see if that’s enough to meet your required basic spend, plus anything else on top for all your retirement years.

Our assumptions:

  • Cash & deposits – 0.05% p.a. growth
  • Investments – 4.45% p.a. returns
  • Inflation – 3% p.a.
How accurate is this calculator?

This calculator simply gives you a broad first look at retirement. You can get a detailed projection of your actual finances in Plan & Invest tab in digibank. It’s our advanced financial planning tool where you can link and project your other bank and investment accounts, and even your CPF.

What can I do if I have a big retirement shortfall?

A big shortfall may be daunting, but planning early can really help! Speak with your trusted financial advisor. They can help do an in-depth analysis of your finances and suggest ways to plug the gaps. If you don’t have an advisor, DBS Wealth Planning Managers are happy to chat. Get in touch anytime.

I have CPF savings. Doesn’t that count?

Glad you asked! Your CPF is an important part of your retirement plan. We have an advanced planning tool in Plan & Invest tab in digibank where you can project your CPF OA, SA, MA savings, and even calculate your CPF Life payouts.