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  • There is no where in the DBS Rewards or DBS iBanking websites I can find for me to enter in my Krisflyer account number. Am very frustrated after having tried for the last hour. @HeyAnna please advise. And no I am not trying to use the KrisFlyer Miles Auto Conversion Programme.

    When I click on Redeem it prompts this empty fields error message. However I do not see any empty fields at any point in the redepmtion process.
    Empty Fields Error.jpg

    When selecting the product, the T and Cs says to log into DBS iBanking -> "cards" -> "redeem rewards" to enter in KrisFlyer miles account details.

    However, when I follow that instruction, the ibanking page tells me to go to the DBS Rewards website. This customer journey you've designed has me and, judging by the multiple posts about this topic, many others going in circles and only brings frustration.
    iBank Cards Redeem.jpg

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  • I applied a credit card via digibank recently. Yes, it does allow immediate integration with Apple Pay for immediate usage. However, I cannot find the cvv/cvc, card expiry date in the app hence making online purchase impossible.

    Could dbs implement solution similar other fintech?e.g. virtual card in the app with all the information.

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  • Why is it that I can invest in UT using my SRS/CPFIA online but I can't sell them online?

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  • Here for the DBS Young Adults #Refer&Win Contest? Grab the full T&Cs here.

    Terms and Conditions for DBS Young Adults Telegram “Refer & Win” Community Contest (“Terms and Conditions”)

    1. The “Refer & Win Giveaway” Community Contest (“Contest”) by DBS & POSB Communities is valid from 2 Sep 2022 until 25 Sep 2022 (“Contest Period”). Both dates are inclusive.

    2. To be eligible, members must be subscribed to the @dbsforyoungadults telegram channel & verify (“identify”) themselves as a part of any one of the following communities by completing this online form:

    (Facebook) The Burrow by DBS

    (Facebook) POSB Parents

    (Telegram) DBS For Young Adults

    3. Three (3) winners from the @dbsforyoungadults Telegram channel by DBS will each receive a prize depending on their number of successful referrals.

    An Apple iPad (worth $499)

    A Logitech Mouse – MX Master 3S (worth S$169)

    Takashimaya vouchers (worth S$100)

    4. Each qualifying member is only eligible to win one (1) prize throughout the contest period.

    5. Only members currently residing in Singapore are eligible to win.

    6. Eligible members will be contacted via their DBS registered email and receive their prize no later than one (1) month after the contest end date (25 Sep 2022).

    7. The prizes are non-exchangeable and not redeemable for cash.

    8. DBS’ decision on all matters relating to the community contest shall be final. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.

    9. DBS may vary these Terms and Conditions or suspend or terminate the Promotion without any notice or liability to any party.

    10. By participating in this contest, you agree to be bound by the DBS Privacy Policy.

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