Plan Your Finances

With the new year approaching, it’s a natural time to take stock of your finances. Not only will a bit of diligent drudgery give you the peace of mind to fully enjoy your holiday, it can help you grow your earnings. Think of it as the financial equivalent of going to the dentist-if your molars made you money.


Investments work best when they’re diversified. Branching out into products like Invest-Saver can help you hedge against market volatility while steadily growing your wealth.

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When used responsibly, credit cards can deliver lots of value. Rewards programs help offset the cost of daily goods and let you treat yourself without dipping into your savings.

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As the biggest monthly transaction most people will make, home loans are the key to your most important asset. We can help you finance or refinance with the best rates.

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Because it’s not nice to think about, we often overlook the probabilities of accidents or loss-but insurance is the bedrock of financial stability, and requires regular reassessment.

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Do more with Multiplier

The Multiplier Account is designed to reward your business with DBS. Boost your interest rate by transacting more across the below categories.


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It’s a Facebook community geared with awesome events, giveaways, and smart money hacks – including how you can maximise your Multiplier Account’s monthly bonus interest! Join now and start your journey to better personal finance.

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