Open an Account with DBS/POSB
There are various channels which you may open a new account with us. The most convenient method would be via digibank Online or Mobile.
Documents Required for Account Opening
For Online Account Application, you will need to upload photos or scanned copies of the required documents. For Branch Account Application, you will need to bring along the physical copy of the required documents.
Activate Account (New to Bank Customers)
Activate your Savings Account immediately via SMS Banking or a DBS/POSB ATM. To activate your Current Account simply visit any DBS/POSB Branch with your NRIC/Passport.
Check Account Transaction
You can check your transactions using digibank, SMS Banking and Phone Banking.
Check Account Balance
You can check your account balance using iBanking, digibank, SMS Banking, Phone Banking, DBS/POSB ATM and Video Teller Machine (VTM).
DBS & POSB Account Transaction Codes
Understand what the different codes on your statement mean.
Unrecognisable Transactions
Common scenarios of unrecognisable transactions includes transactions made at petrol stations or merchants reflected as their parent company instead.
Fall Below Service Fee
Reflected as "SC" in your statement, this is an administrative fee we charge when your balance falls below the Minimum Average Daily Balance.
Calculate Minimum Average Daily Balance (MADB)
Minimum Average Daily Balance (MADB) is the minimum balance to be maintained in your account to avoid incurring Fall Below Service Fees. Understand how it is calculated here.
Differences in Ledger and Available Balance
Ledger balance is the total amount of money in your account, comprising of available balance (usable funds) & earmarked/holding balance (non-usable funds).
Convert POSB Passbook Savings Account
Convert your existing POSB Passbook Savings Account into a POSB eSavings Account without a change in your account number and services.
Convert DBS Autosave Account
Convert your existing DBS AutoSave account to a DBS Multi Currency Account or a DBS Multiplier Account without a change in your account number and services.
Local Cash Withdrawal
Withdraw cash locally from our islandwide network of Self-Service Banking Machines or using POSB Cashpoint.
Deposit Cash
Deposit cash into a DBS/POSB Account easily via our Cash Deposit Machines available islandwide.
Deposit Coins
Deposit coins into a DBS/POSB Account easily via our Coin Deposit Machines available islandwide.
Exchange Foreign Currencies using DBS Multi-Currency Autosave Account
Buy and exchange foreign currencies at your preferred rates wherever you are, using DBS Multi-Currency Autosave Account.
Apply for PayNow
Register your PayNow Profile instantly via digibank Mobile, digibank Online or DBS iWealth.
Update PayNow Details
Amend your PayNow Profile instantly via iBanking, digibank and DBS iWealth.
Cancel PayNow Profile
DeRegister your PayNow Profile instantly via digibank Mobile, digibank Online or DBS iWealth.
Apply for DBS PayLah!
Download DBS PayLah! and perform hassle free funds transfer instantly with just a recipient’s mobile number.
Use DBS PayLah!
Instantly send and receive money, request for funds and pay bills/selected online merchants with PayLah!.
Manage DBS PayLah!
Learn how to personalise the various features in DBS PayLah!.
Reset DBS PayLah! Password
Reset your PayLah! Password instantly via your DBS PayLah! application.
Phone Banking Services
Discover a whole suite of services easily accessible via Phone Banking.
Apply for Phone Banking
Apply for Phone Banking for a safe, convenient and accessible way to check your account balance and transactions 24/7.
Use Phone Banking
Use Phone Banking for a safe, convenient and easy way to check your account balance and transactions any time, anywhere.
Reset Phone Banking PIN
Reset or change your Phone Banking PIN instantly via our DBS/POSB ATM.
Apply for a Debit/ATM Card
Apply for a Debit/ATM Card via iBanking or get it instantly at our Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Activate New Card
You can activate your new card easily using SMS Banking, iBanking, digibank, DBS Lifestyle app or at our DBS/POSB ATM and Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Enable/Disable Card For Overseas Use
Learn how to enable / disable your card's overseas usage easily.
View Debit Card Transaction Details
You can simply check your debit card transaction details via iBanking.
Transact & Withdraw in Foreign Currency Overseas
Enable your Card for overseas usage to transact and withdraw foreign currency overseas. Avoid foreign exchange and debit card fees by using a DBS Visa Debit Card linked to a DBS Multi-Currency Autosave (MCA) Account.
Replace ATM/Debit Card
Holding on to a damaged, worn out or lost your ATM/Debit card? Request for a replacement instantly.
Lost or Stolen Card
If your ATM, Debit or Credit card is Lost or Stolen, please block your cards(s) immediately using our online services and request for a replacement instantly.
Unable to Withdraw and Transact
Common reasons include exceeding daily withdrawal limit, using an expired or blocked card, card not activated for overseas usage or not supported by overseas ATM.
Without PIN & PAY function available, DBS/POSB Debit & Credit Cards will follow the usual Signature/Contactless based international payment methods for transactions performed in foreign countries.
Reset Card PIN
Reset your Card PIN immediately via iBanking, digibank or Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Change Card PIN
You can change your Card PIN at any of our DBS/POSB ATM and Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Change ATM Card Limit
You can change your ATM card's Nets, Withdrawal & 3rd Party Funds Transfer limit immediately using our Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Change Debit Card Spending Limit
You can change your Debit Card's spending limit via iBanking.
Link Savings/Current account to your Card
Link your accounts to your Card via iBanking, digibank, Video Teller Machine (VTM) or complete our form and mail it to us.
Overseas Card Transaction Fees
Transactions made overseas or through an overseas based online merchant will incur up to 3.25% foreign transaction fee.
Overseas Withdrawal Charges
Withdrawal fees are waived if you withdraw using Plus/Cirrus/UnionPay Card via Westpac Group ATMs in Australia and DBS Hong Kong, Plus/Cirrus Card in DBS Taiwan and Plus Card via DBS ATMs in India and Indonesia. There will be a fee for withdrawals via all other overseas ATMs.
Card Cancellation
Cancel your Credit, Debit or ATM Card easily through our new digital banking service.
Issuing a Cheque
Write the full name of the payee as per the payee's bank records and sign the cheque accordingly as per our bank records.
Issue an Online Cheque
Save on your cheque book fees! Simply issue an online cheque via iBanking.
- Add Cheque or Demand Draft Recipient
- Remove Cheque or Demand Draft Recipient
Purchase Cashier's Order
Purchase a Cashier's Order without any fees simply via iBanking.
Purchase a Demand Draft
Purchase a foreign currency cheque easily via iBanking, and have it mailed or self collected.
Deposit a Cheque
Provide your full name as per Bank's records, your bank account number and contact number at the back of the cheque and ensure the issuer's signature is present on the front of the cheque before depositing it at our Quick Cheque Facilities.
Deposit Cheque Wrongly
Not all wrongly deposited cheques are void - learn what to do for the various situations listed here.
Multiple Names in Cheque
Cheques addressed to two persons can be deposited into a joint account belonging to them, or to either person's personal account depending on how the cheque is written.
Cheque Clearing
Understand when you should deposit your cheque to ensure that funds are made available in time.
View Cheque Status (Issuer)
You can check the status of your issued cheque easily using iBanking.
Cheque Cancellation
You can perform cheque cancellation with a lower fee via Phone Banking easily.
Returned Cheque Reasons
When a cheque could not be cleared, the receiver will receive an Image Return Document (IRD) stating reasons for the return.
Returned Cheque Fees
The charge for every returned cheque is S$40. If the issuer's account goes into an overdraft, an additional minimum overdraft interest fee of S$20 will be charged.
Request for New Cheque Book
If you have used up your cheques and require a New Cheque Book, request it through our Phone Banking or Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Foreign Currency Cheque Deposit
Local USD cheques are cleared for free. Non-local USD cheques require a minimum of 21 working days to clear, and is charged a clearing fee of 1/8% of the cheque value (min. S$10 and max. S$100).
Transfer Funds using PayNow
Transfer Funds using PayNow instantly via digibank, iBanking and DBS iWealth.
- Add PayNow Recipient
- Remove PayNow Recipient
Transfer Funds to Other DBS/POSB Account
Transfer funds easily to another DBS/POSB account via iBanking, digibank or our DBS/POSB ATM.
- Add DBS/POSB Fund Transfer Recipient
- Remove DBS/POSB Fund Transfer Recipient
Transfer Funds to Other Bank's Account
Transfer funds easily to other Bank's account via iBanking & digibank.
- Add Other Bank's Recipient
- Remove Other Bank's Recipient
Set Up Recurring Funds Transfer (Standing Instruction)
Set up a recurring funds transfer via iBanking.
Terminate Recurring Funds Transfer
Terminate an existing recurring funds transfer via iBanking.
Change Funds Transfer Limits
Change your funds transfer limits easily via iBanking.
Wrong Local Funds Transfer
Contact the account holder directly or visit any DBS/POSB Branch with your NRIC/Passport to fill up an Indemnity Form.
Transfer Funds to Overseas Account
iBanking allows you to perform Overseas Funds Transfer to over 150 countries in more than 20 currencies anywhere, anytime.
- Add Overseas Funds Transfer Recipient
- Remove Overseas Funds Transfer Recipient
Fees and Charges for Overseas Funds Transfer
Understand the fees and charges involved for Overseas Fund Transfers.
Timing and Limits for Overseas Funds Transfer
Overseas Funds Transfer will generally be completed within 2 to 4 working days. With DBS Remit, you can now perform same day transfers to selected countries within the cut-off times.
Change Overseas Funds Transfer Limits
Change your limits easily via digibank Online. The default daily transfer limit for Overseas Funds Transfers is set at S$1.00. You can increase this up to S$200,000.
Transfer to Overseas Visa Card
You can transfer funds to an Overseas Visa card via iBanking.
Wrong Overseas Funds Transfer
Visit any DBS/POSB Branch with your NRIC/Passport to apply for a Tracer, Amendment or Cancellation of your wrong transfer.
Bill Payment
You can make bill payments easily to more than 180 Billing Organisations using iBanking.
- Add Bill Payment Organisation
- Remove Bill Payment Organisation
Bill Payment in Advance
You can make bill payments in advance easily using iBanking or digibank.
Pay Other Bank Credit Cards
You can pay other bank credit cards easily using iBanking or digibank.
- Add Other Bank's Credit Cards Recipient
- Remove Other Bank's Credit Cards Recipient
eNets (D2Pay) Application
If you are an digibank user, you can apply for this service to pay participating merchants online.
Amend eNets (D2Pay) Payment Limit
Amend your eNets (D2Pay) payment limit easily using digibankin Online.
Change Account Designated for eNets (D2Pay)
Change your designated debiting account for eNets (D2Pay) simply via the d2pay Multi-Purpose Form.
eNets (D2Pay) Deactivation
Learn how to de-activate your eNets (D2Pay) service easily using digibank Online.
Set up a GIRO Arrangement
Find out how you can set up a GIRO arrangement easily using digibank Online.
View Active GIRO Arrangements
View your active GIRO arrangements easily using digibank Online.
Update GIRO Payment Limit
Update your GIRO Payment Limit immediately via digibank Online or our Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Suspend GIRO Arrangement
You can apply for a GIRO Suspension by filling up this GIRO Amendment/Termination Form and mailing it to us.
Terminate GIRO Arrangement
Find out how you can terminate a GIRO arrangement easily using digibank Online or our Video Teller Machine (VTM).
Top Up Mobile Prepaid Number
Avoid the hassle of getting a prepaid top up card – simply top up your mobile prepaid number instantly via iBanking, SMS Banking or PayLah!.
Top Up PayPal
Link your Paypal account and perform top ups easily via iBanking.
Consolidated Statements
This is a month end statement containing details on your deposit accounts, investments and loan products, and are consolidated based on the mailing address associated with these accounts.
Retrieval of Printed Account Statements
Retrieve a printed statement easily using iBanking, Phone Banking or Video Teller Machine (VTM).
eStatements Enrolment / De-Enrolment
Enrolment & de-enrolment of eStatements can be done easily via digibank Online.
Viewing eStatements
Simply log in to digibank Online to view your eStatements.