Set Up Recurring Funds Transfer (Standing Instruction)

Set up a recurring funds transfer via digibank Online.

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Our Standing Instruction service automatically transfers a fixed amount in SGD from your DBS/POSB Savings or Current Account to a designated receiving account on a regular basis (e.g. weekly, monthly or quarterly) of your choice.

This free service can be set up via digibank Online:

  • Log in to digibank Online with your User ID and PIN.
  • Select Transfer and click on More Transfer Services.
  • Under Other Services, click on Set up Standing Instruction.
  • Log in with your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.
  • Select the Payee’s Account you wish to transfer to.
  • Indicate the Recipient's Name and Recipient's/Customer's Reference(if any).
  • Select the Account you wish to transfer from.
  • Indicate the Amount, Date of Deduction and Frequency of Transfer.
  • Click Next.
  • Verify the Details of the Transaction and click Submit.

Note: The earliest payment date is 3 calendar days after setup to allow for processing. For example, Standing Instructions set up on Monday will have the earliest first payment date on Thursday.

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