Check Debit Card Transaction Details

You can now check your debit card transaction details, whether it is settled, pending or declined via digibank mobile!

How to view debit card transaction details

There are various channels which you may use to view your debit card transaction details. The most convenient method would be via digibank mobile.

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You can now view details of pending and declined transactions, and up to past 6 months of transaction history via digibank mobile.
Step 1
Log in to digibank mobile with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
Step 2
Under Home, tap on Deposits and select the account that you wish to view.
Step 3
You may view up to Past 6 Months of Transaction History including pending transactions.
Step 4
You may also view your Pending/Declined Transactions under the Pending Tab. Tap to view more details.
Step 5
Details of your transaction will be displayed.
(You may retrieve useful transaction information such as category, payment type, transaction approval code and reason for decline on this page!)
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  • Log in to digibank online with your User ID and PIN.
  • Complete the Authentication Process.
  • Select Cards and click on Debit Cards Summary.
  • Select the Debit Card Account you would like to check.
  • By default, your Transactions Pending Settlement will be displayed.
  • To view your Debit Card's Settled Transactions, Select Settled Transactions from the drop-down list and click Go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unbilled transactions are completed transactions which will be reflected in your next statement.
Pending transactions are recent debit card payments sent to the merchant that are yet to be processed on their end. These are normally put on hold for approximately 10 days after the transaction date, until the merchant settles and collects the funds. However, if there is no merchant settlement within this period, the pending transaction will be dropped.
Billed transactions are completed transactions which have been reflected in your statement and due for payment. Learn more about how you can check your statements here.
Declined transactions are failed transactions where payment was unsuccessful and the merchant did not receive the payment.
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