SMS Notification Alerts

You can customise notification alerts based on your preferred transaction threshold amount via iBanking.

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Notification Alerts for Transactions

Notification alerts is a service to keep you updated on your transaction details by sending alerts to your registered mobile number and/or email address.

You will be receiving instant SMS/Email alerts when you perform the following transactions:

Personal Account Alerts:

  • Update of Personal & Contact Details.
  • Update of Mailing Address.
  • Managing of Alerts.
  • Increase Transfer & Payment Limits.

Funds Transfers & Payment Alerts:

  • Add Funds Transfer Payee.
  • Funds Transfer to My Account.
  • Funds Transfer to Other DBS/POSB Account.
  • Funds Transfer to Other Bank Account.
  • Funds Transfer to Overseas Account.
  • One-Time Funds Transfers & Payments.
  • Credit Card Payments (Local Card/Visa and Overseas Visa Cards).
  • PayEasy Services.
  • Bill Payments.
  • FAST Funds Transfer to Other Bank Accounts.
  • FAST Future Dated Funds Transfer to Other Bank Accounts.
  • D2Pay (eNETS) Transactions.

ATM & Banking Services Alerts:

  • ATM Cash Withdrawal.
  • Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal.
  • NETS Transactions.
  • Cheque Clearing.
  • GIRO Arrangement.
  • Standing Instruction Set-up.

Customising Notification Alerts

To customise notication alerts based on your preferred transaction threshold amount:

  • Log in to iBanking with your User ID and PIN.
  • At the top, Under Preferences, click Manage Alerts.
  • Log in with your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.
  • Indicate a Tick on the transaction you wish to make changes to.
  • Indicate the Amount within the Thresholds.
  • Click Next.
  • Verify the Details and complete the Transaction Signing using your DBS iB Secure Device.
  • Click Submit.

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