eNets (D2Pay) Application

If you are an iBanking user, you can apply for this service to pay participating merchants online.

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When you select eNETS (d2pay) as your payment mode at a merchant's site, you will be asked to key in your iBanking User ID (UID) and PIN. Ensure that you have your iBanking Secure Device ready and follow the on-screen Transaction Signing instructions to complete the transaction.

  • Click here to get your iBanking User ID & PIN if you do not have iBanking yet.
  • Click here if you are an online merchant interested in offering DBS d2pay to your customers.
eNets application for first time user
  • When prompted in the eNets debit from bank account page:
  • Select DBS Bank Ltd and click Submit.
  • Enter the transaction description to be printed on the Statement. (Optional)
  • Enter your iBanking User ID and PIN and click Submit.
  • Log in with your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.
  • Select your Account Type and input your Account no.(without any dashes).
    Your default d2pay daily limit will be set at S$5,000.
  • Click Submit.
  • Verify the payment details and click Confirm.

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