dbs d2pay

d2Pay (Direct Debit Payment)

Receive payments on the next working day

At a Glance
Manage your company's accounts receivables with ease.


From your customer’s account to yours by the next working day


Receive instant updates after payment instructions


Receive daily electronic transaction reports

Features & Benefits

Receive payments quickly

Funds will be deducted from your customer's account immediately

Remove the risk of chargeback

Unlike credit card payments, d2Pay transactions are not exposed to chargeback risks

Reconcile accounts easily

Receive daily electronic transaction reports

Protect customer's data

Your customers’ personal information are secured by encryption

How will my customers pay me?

Your website must first be connected to the eNETS system before your customers can pay you using d2Pay. They will be directed to log into their Internet banking accounts to authorise payment for their purchases.

When will i receive my funds?

The funds will reach your account on the next working day.

How to Apply

Please contact us at:

  • 1800 222 2200 (if you are in Singapore)
  • +65 6222 2200 (if overseas)

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