Consolidated Statements

This is a month end statement containing details on your deposit accounts, investments and loan products, and are consolidated based on the mailing address associated with these accounts.

You do not need to enrol for consolidated statements as we automatically consolidate all eligible products in this double-page printed statement. If one of your existing accounts is already enroled for eStatements, you will be receiving a consolidated eStatement instead. Do note that Credit Card transactions will be in a separate statement.

For Passbook accounts included in the consolidated statements, you will only be able to view their overall balance in the account summary. Should you wish to view your transactional details, please update your passbook.
If you only have passbook accounts on an entity level, there will be no consolidated statement generated.

Accounts Included in the Consolidated Statement

  1. Deposit Accounts:
    • DBS / POSB Current Accounts
    • DBS Autosave / SAYE Accounts
    • POSB Passbook
    • Multi-Currency Accounts
    • SGD and Foreign Currency Fixed Deposits
    • Foreign Currency Current Accounts
  2. Investments:
    • Structured Deposits
    • Currency Linked Investments
    • Unit Trusts
    • CPF Investment Scheme Investments
    • Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) Investments
  3. Loans:
    • Mortgage Loan
    • Renovation Loan
    • Auto Loan

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