Timing and Limits for Overseas Funds Transfer

Overseas Funds Transfer will generally be completed within 2 to 4 working days. With DBS Remit, you can now perform same day transfers to selected markets within the cut-off times.

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Important information

  • Overseas funds transfer received over the weekend or public holiday of the receiving bank will only be credited on the next business day.
DBS Remit
Markets Cut off time for same-day online transfers Transfer Limit Locked-in FX rates Preferential FX rates (with transfers of S$50,000 or more) Transfer fee
New Zealand (in NZD) 10.00AM S$200,000 Daily Yes Yes No Charge Free
Japan (in JPY) 10.30AM S$200,000 Daily
Thailand (in THB) 11:30AM S$200,000 Daily
Australia (in AUD) 12:00PM S$200,000 Daily
Vietnam (in VND) 2:30PM S$200,000 Daily
South Korea (in KRW) 3:30PM US$20,000 Daily
Hong Kong (in HKD) 4:30PM S$200,000 Daily
India (in INR) 4:30PM S$200,000 Daily
Canada (in CAD) 5:00PM S$200,000 Daily
United Kingdom (in GBP) 5:00PM S$200,000 Daily
United States (in USD) 5:00PM S$200,000 Daily
Eurozone (in EUR) 5:00PM S$200,000 Daily
Philippines (in PHP)* 2:00PM* S$200,000 Daily No
Indonesia (in IDR) 2:00PM S$200,000 Daily
Mainland China (in CNY) 3:00PM S$200,000 Daily No
Malaysia (in MYR) 2:00PM S$200,000 Daily
Myanmar (in MMK) 12:00PM S$200,000 Daily Yes
Branch and Online Transfers to Other Markets
Transfer Time Transfer Limit
Recipient will generally receive funds within 2 to 4 working days. S$200,000 Daily

More information

  • Applications can be submitted 24/7 but those outside the cut-off times or on Public Holidays will be sent on the next business day. The full remittance amount may still be earmarked for applications submitted outside the cut-off times or on Public Holidays.
  • FX rates for all transfers are locked in 24/7 except for:
    • Transfers via CNY and MYR Remit. Rates for these currencies are confirmed only within cut-off times above
    • Transfers of BHD, HUF, KRW, MUR, PLN, QAR, TWD and MMK. Rates for these currencies are confirmed if the application is received from 9.25am to 5.00pm on working days only.
  • *Due to the Covid-19 quarantine situation, our Philippines Peso (PHP) remittance service may encounter service delays for some transfers. Cut off timing for transfers above PHP50k will be temporarily changed from 2pm to 11am instead.

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