Reasons for Delayed Overseas Funds Transfer

Find out what are the possible reasons your overseas funds transfer is delayed.

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Important information

  • We move your money during business days in Singapore. However, things may take a little longer if the location you’re sending to has a national holiday. Do check out from time to time.
  • There may be occasional delays caused by unforeseen issues with our payment partners and local markets.
Cut-off time and/or Public Holidays
  • For locations where DBS Remit is available, there is a daily cut-off time. Do ensure that your DBS Remit is sent before the cut-off time so that the transaction is processed on the same working day.
  • If your transaction is submitted before a weekend or on a public holiday in the sending or receiving country, the transaction will be processed on the next working day instead.

Inaccurate or Missing Information
  • You may have provided incorrect instructions in your overseas transfer which may result in financial losses for you and/or your beneficiary. Always ensure the following:
    • Provide the Recipient’s Full Name (per their bank records), Postal Address etc
    • Check the transfer amount is in the correct currency that you wish to send to
    • Select the Purpose of Payments (for selected countries)
  • No amendments can be made to DBS Remit Corridors. Please ensure your recipient’s details are accurate and matches the recipient bank’s records, before you make the online transfer.

Mandatory Regulatory Checks
  • There may be additional checks related to anti-fraud or anti-money laundering which can cause processing delays. In most cases, it is not expected of the beneficiary and/or agent bank to share the reason for the checks or delays.
  • In such situations, you may be asked to provide additional information if the transfer is intended for the said recipient.

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