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Easy access
Available in digibank online / mobile and DBS / POSB public websites

2FA authentication required to access account queries and personal information is protected

With our DBS digibot, you can check out DBS products and services easily. Have DBS digibot ready at your fingertips, ready to address your banking queries. That is how fast and easy for you to get your account transactions and apply for loans and get it instantly approved and credited to your account.



Here are some of the key features what DBS digibot can do for you.

Instant approval on loan application

DBS digibot can take you through the process seamlessly by just asking a few questions for loan applications. Upon approval, funds will be credited instantly.

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Manage your account and retrieve transactions anytime

DBS Digibot can retrieve your transaction history and account information.

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Paynow Registration for children under 16 years old

Prepare your kids for Edusave awards by registering them for PayNow early. DBS digibot can take you through the registration seamlessly.

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Get your card related issues resolved on-the-spot

Skip the wait on the hotline or branch, simply type your request on DBS digibot and it will resolve your problems!

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Generic Scam Report

Report an alleged Scam Call or Phishing Email/SMS.

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What’s more, DBS digibot can assist you with a wide range of other services and we are constantly bringing more services onboard!



Your security is our top priority and we have enabled the same login security mechanisms as digibank online and mobile. With these in place, DBS digibot will be able to assist you on confidential account queries without compromising on security.

2FA authentication is required to access confidential banking information


All sensitive information such as personal, bank and card details will be encrypted during the chat



Frequently Asked Questions

Acquisition related features

  1. Personal Loan Application
  2. Balance Transfer Application
  3. Credit Card Add-On
  4. Paynow Registration
  5. Paynow Registration for children under 16 years old

Servicing related features

  1. View Transaction - Deposit Account, Credit Card and Debit Card
  2. View Deposit Account Balance
  3. Block and Unblock Credit Card
  4. Block and replace lost / damaged / expired card
  5. Report a Scam
  6. Check your DBS Points
  7. Activate New Card
  8. Statement Request - Deposit Account, Credit Card and Cashline

We try our best to provide for you. Click here to find out more DBS digibot services.

Yes, the digibot is available on DBS websites and digibank online/mobile.

You may visit our DBS Help & Support page which provides a suite of digital services and guides to assist you. Alternatively, you may visit our Contact Us page.

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