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Secure your cards anytime

Worried about clicking on a phishing link or misplaced your card?
Set a temporary lock to your card for a peace of mind.

Selectively enable card transactions

Switch on functions that you need. Switch off what you don’t.
Be it online, contactless or overseas in-store transactions.

Control your budget easily

Set spending limits for yourself and any supplementary cards.

Scams are on the rise, and it can be easy to miss them. The good news? Staying safe doesn’t have to be hard.

With DBS Payment Controls on digibank app, you can secure your cards in just a few taps.


Secure your cards anytime

Clicked on a phish-y link by mistake or misplaced your card? No need to cancel your card just yet. With DBS Payment Controls, you can lock and unlock your card as and when you need to.

Set a temporary lock on your card via digibank app while you check or search with peace of mind. Once you’re sure that your card hasn’t been compromised, you can easily unlock it again.


Selectively enable card transaction functions

Enable transaction functions individually, so you can use your card the way you want while locking out prowlers.

For instance, if you are not travelling, you can disable your overseas in-store transaction function. And just like that, no more worries about fraud abroad!


Set monthly spending limits

Taking a trip or just watching your budget? Set a limit for yourself and any supplementary cards to avoid overspending. Simple!

You are unable to temporary lock or disable contactless payments via Payment Controls for the first bus and train fare transactions. Avoid tapping your card/device on the fare readers if you do not intend to pay via this method.


Take control of your cards anytime, anywhere with DBS Payment Controls in digibank app

Step 1
Log in to digibank app with your Touch / Face ID or digibank app User ID & PIN

Step 2
Under Home, tap More

Step 3
Under Manage Cards & Loans, select Payment Controls

Step 4
Select the Card you wish to customise and toggle switch on/off

Protecting your cards is easy with DBS Payment Controls. For a step by step guide, head to our Help and Support page.

Download DBS digibank app now!


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