Frequently Asked Questions

Can corporate cardholders apply for GIRO using DBS/POSB iBanking or AXS Stations?

This service is only applicable for personal account holders.

Why do you limit the list of organisations that I can select when applying via DBS/POSB iBanking or AXS stations?

This is an opt-in service for the organisations. We will work with all the organisations that are interested in partnering with us.

My account is operated by thumb print, can I sign on the BO GIRO application form?

For accounts operated by thumb print, you are required to have your thumb print impression verified at any DBS/POSB branch prior to submitting the form to your BO. If you would like to change the operation of your account to signature, you may do so at any DBS/POSB branch.

What types of accounts are not accepted for GIRO?

The accounts excluded for GIRO debiting include POSBkids (personal)*, POSBkids Trust, MySavings and My Account* accounts.

*Giro payment arrangement set up is not allowed if account holder is below 16 years old (by birth year). Special exception for MOE GIRO deductions, where account holder 12 years old & above can apply.

What are the fees and charges applicable for a GIRO arrangement?

The Bank does not impose any fees and charges for setting up, terminating or late charges. However, your BO may impose charges for late payment. Please check with the BO on their fees and charges.

How long does it take the Bank to process a GIRO application?

For submissions made via DBS/POSB iBanking and AXS stations, the application will be verified by the Bank instantaneously and forwarded to the BOs. For submissions made via your BO, we will process the application within seven days from the date of receipt from your BO.

Meanwhile, continue to pay your bills via alternative payment options until you have been notified by your BO that your GIRO application has been approved.

Can I apply for GIRO if I do not have sufficient funds in my account at the point of the application?

You may proceed with the application as the Bank will not check against your account balance during your application. However, you must ensure sufficient balances in your account for deduction on the due date.

How do I know if my GIRO application is approved?

If you have applied for GIRO via your BO, please contact them to check on the status. The Bank will also send all the bank account holders an email or SMS to the registered email address or local mobile no. with us, if you have applied for this service. You may also view your successful GIRO arrangements in Internet Banking by following the below steps:

  • Under Pay, click on “More Payment Services”
  • Under the ‘Manage Payments & GIRO”, click “View GIRO Arrangements” You can enquire either 1 account or all accounts.
Why do I receive an email/SMS when I did not apply for GIRO?

This email/SMS is to inform all account holders that a GIRO has been setup between your account and the BO. If your account is held jointly with another person, you may wish to check with your joint account holder(s) if they have applied for GIRO.

Since my joint account holder submitted the GIRO application, why are you sending this notification to me?

In our bid to safeguard your interest, the notification will be sent to all the account holders to avoid future dispute from unauthorised debiting from your account/joint account.

If you would like to amend the setting for this notification, please log on to DBS/POSB iBanking.

What are the common reasons for a rejected GIRO application?

Some common reasons for rejection include:

  • incomplete/missing information
  • your signature varies or differs from the Bank’s records
  • your thumb print impression on the form was not verified at our DBS/POSB branch
  • amendment on the form was made using correction fluid/tape

This is not an exhaustive list of common errors, please contact your respective BO to verify the rejection reason for your application.

When will my GIRO deduction commence and how much will be debited from my account?

The commencement and deduction date and amount is determined by the respective BO. Please check with your BO when the deductions will take place and the amount due to them.

What is the frequency of the deductions made from my account?

Please check with your BO on the frequency of the deductions.

Why is my GIRO deduction unsuccessful?

Some common reasons for unsuccessful deductions include:

a. insufficient balance in your account on the date of deduction
b. deduction amount exceeds the GIRO payment limit set
c. the GIRO arrangement has been terminated
d. your bank account is closed

For failed GIRO deductions, when will the bank attempt to make the next deduction?

The Bank will not make repeated attempts after a failed GIRO deduction. Please contact your BO to arrange for an alternative mode of payment.

How does termination of my GIRO arrangement impact my repayments to the BO?

If you choose to terminate your GIRO arrangement, the Bank will discontinue requests from the BO to deduct your account for payment. Where there are outstanding amounts owing to the BO, you should continue to pay your bills via alternative payment options accepted by the BO.

How would I know that my GIRO arrangements have been terminated?

Some BOs send a notice to confirm that the termination request is effected. You may also wish to contact the BO to confirm on the status of the GIRO termination.

Do I receive any transaction alert on my monthly giro?

Yes, you will receive an email alert on your monthly giro transaction.

Note: Email alerts for successful GIRO/Standing Instruction transactions are temporarily suspended as we are upgrading our system. Email alerts for these transactions will resume after the system upgrade.

How do I check for more details for my GIRO/Standing instruction?

Login to digibank and select the account which the transaction was debited.

Can I amend the alerts preference for my monthly GIRO/Standing Instruction transaction?

The GIRO/Standing Instruction transaction alerts are not optional and are only sent via email.

Note: Email alerts for successful GIRO/Standing Instruction transactions are temporarily suspended as we are upgrading our system. Email alerts for these transactions will resume after the system upgrade.