You can now scan UnionPay QR Codes with PayLah!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UnionPay QR Code? How secure is it?

UnionPay QR Code is a convenient, secure and quick way to pay at over 40 million merchants in Singapore and around the world. UnionPay QR Code uses the EMV specifications which is in line with global payment security standards.

Do I need an UnionPay card for payment via UnionPay QR Code?

UnionPay Card is not needed. Simply make UnionPay QR Code payment at over 40 million merchants in Singapore and around the world directly with your DBS PayLah! app.

Why are there 2 ways to pay with UnionPay QR Code?

Depending on markets and merchants’ payment practices, DBS PayLah! users have the flexibility to pay by either scanning UnionPay QR Code displayed by the merchants or by generating UnionPay QR Code on the DBS PayLah! app.

What are the merchants that I can pay via UnionPay QR Code in Singapore?

UnionPay QR Code payment is widely accepted in Singapore across various merchant categories from F&B to retail and entertainment. DBS PayLah! users can scan a dynamic UnionPay QR Code generated by the merchant, scan the static SGQR Code (with UnionPay logo) on display at the merchant store front or generate a UnionPay QR Code on the PayLah! app to make UnionPay QR Code payment.

Note: QR Code payment will only go via the UnionPay network if there is no feature of other local bank apps or local payment network on the static SGQR Code.

Where I can use PayLah! to pay a UnionPay QR Code merchant overseas?

You can use PayLah! to make UnionPay QR Code payment at over 40 million merchants around the world. Some popular destinations include Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam and UAE.

How are the exchange rates determined?

Conversions shall be based on a mark-up of 2% above the foreign exchange rate. The mark-up serves to cover services provided and administration by us and our service providers in connection with foreign currency transactions. The foreign exchange rate is determined based on prevailing wholesale interbank rates or the government-mandated rate, as shall be determined by the respective Card Associations and/or payment service provider.

For UnionPay QR, transactions in US Dollar, Chinese Yuan and Brunei Dollar shall be converted to Singapore Dollar on the date of conversion. Transactions in other foreign currencies will be converted to US Dollar before being converted to Singapore Dollar.

Are there fees associated with using the service?

No. Apart from the conversion rate applied, you will not incur additional fees from using the service.