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Get hospitalisation coverage on top of MediShield Life

Provides coverage for choosing private hospitals or Class B1/A wards in public hospitals

Eligible for all Singaporeans and PRs

No age limit and eligible from birth

Affordable premiums

Payable with CPF MediSave up to approved limits

More than 70% of Singaporeans and PRs have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) which enhances their hospitalisation coverage – Are you one of them?

If not, it’s not too late to consider getting an IP. You can now compare the Integrated Shield Plans from different insurance providers and pick a plan that suits your needs.

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Features & Benefits

What you need to know about hospitalisation coverage

MediShield Life vs Integrated Shield Plan
What is MediShield Life? MediShield Life ensures lifelong health insurance coverage for major hospital bills and selected outpatient treatments. It covers most subsidised treatments in public hospitals (B2/C wards).
What is Integrated Shield Plan (IP)? Integrated Shield Plans (IP) provide additional coverage on top of MediShield Life. That means higher coverage when you choose private hospitals or Class B1/A wards in public hospitals.

Do I need an Integrated Shield Plan (IP)?

The first step to getting the right coverage is knowing what you already have. It's okay if you aren't sure. Here's how to find out in just a few minutes:

Step 1: Visit the CPF website
Step 2: Log in using Singpass
Step 3: Go to ‘Healthcare dashboard’, view coverage status under ‘Healthcare insurance’ section

If you have an IP, it means you will also have MediShield Life. There is no duplicate coverage and no double premium payment.


How it works

The premiums may not be a significant concern in your youthful working years. However, consider the affordability in the long-term.

In your 70s or 80s, when you're no longer working, the supplementary private insurance component could amount to 4 times the premiums of MediShield Life. (Source: CPF)

In the event that your child is hospitalised, Medisave can pay for your child’s medical costs. However, there are caps to the coverage.

If your child is a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident, he or she will be covered by MediShield Life, a basic health insurance plan in Singapore. Many parents also complement their MediShield Life with an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) to get better protection and healthcare coverage for their children.

With an IP, you have a choice of medical specialists, stay at wards with enhanced amenities, and higher claim limits. You can also make use of Medisave to pay the premiums for your child’s IP.

Securing health insurance for your children at a young age ensures they are protected without the concern of pre-existing conditions affecting their coverage.


Eligibility Requirements

All Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are covered by MediShield Life.
There is no age limit for the application of IP and one can get an IP from birth.


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Head over to Health Marketplace where you can compare Integrated Shield Plans from different insurance providers and pick a plan that suits your needs.

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