myHome Protect II – Insurance for Your Home Contents

Optional Add-Ons

Each optional add-on has 2 sum insured options for you to choose from.


Option 1

Option 2

Worldwide Coverage for Personal Belongings
Covers accidental damage to or loss of personal belongings worldwide (Excess: S$100)

Up to S$2,500

Up to S$5,000

Additional Sports Equipment Coverage
Covers damage to or loss of sports equipment stored in your home due to insured events (listed above)

Up to S$4,000

Up to S$8,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to purchase this policy?

To be eligible, you must be a Singapore Resident* who is at least 18 years of age or older on the policy commencement date and be either: -

  • the owner or co-owner of the premises in Singapore; or
  • the owner or co-owner of the premises in Singapore who is renting out the premises in Singapore; or
  • a tenant or co-tenant who is currently renting the premises in Singapore

*Singapore Resident means Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident, or holder of a valid work permit, employment pass, dependant’s pass, long-term visit pass, S pass or student pass issued by the authorities in Singapore.
I already have a fire insurance policy when I took up my mortgage loan. Do I still need to purchase this policy?
  • A typical fire mortgage insurance policy generally provides coverage only for the building structure and in certain cases, a low amount of contents coverage.
  • This policy, is a home contents insurance policy, which supplements fire insurance by offering coverage for renovations and contents.
Is there a need for me to provide a detailed listing of my home contents?

No. you do not need to do so. To receive the appropriate level of coverage, you can choose the plan with the sum insured that represents the full value (as new) of your contents and renovations (including those of your family members residing with you).

Do I get to enjoy a 10% No Claim Bonus benefit every year?

You will get to enjoy a No Claim Bonus of 10% as long as premiums are paid as and when due. In addition, you will need to remain claim-free during the policy year. Should there be a claim for an event within the current policy year, the No Claim Bonus will not apply, but will resume in the next policy year (provided there is no claim for an event in the following policy year).

Optional Add-Ons

What is covered under the Worldwide Coverage for Personal Belongings benefit?

This benefit provides worldwide coverage for accidental damage or loss of personal effects such as watches, jewellery and any of your personal belongings physically carried or worn by you.

Will the Worldwide Coverage for Personal Belongings benefit be extended to my household members?

Yes, it will be extended to your household members if they fall under the policy’s definition of household. Household means all members of your family including your partner, children and any other persons permanently living with you in your premises, excluding tenants, boarders, lodgers or paying guests.

What is covered under the Additional Sports Equipment Coverage benefit?

This benefit provides coverage for damage to or theft of your sports equipment whilst stored at your premises, as a result of an insured event^.

^The insured events are:

  • Fire, lighting or explosion
  • Storm, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, flood
  • Bursting, leaking, discharging, overflowing of water tanks or pipes
  • Earthquake
  • Impact
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Acts of malicious damage or vandalism
  • Theft, attempted theft or burglary
What types of sports equipment are covered under the Additional Sports Equipment Coverage benefit?

Sports equipment include pedal and electronic bicycles, electronic scooters, gym equipment, other sporting and fishing equipment that are stored at your premises. There is no cover for sports equipment whilst they are in use.

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