Benefits of digiPortfolio

Access to portfolio management expertise

digiPortfolio is curated and assembled by the DBS investment team with extensive portfolio management experience.

Having invested and managed bespoke discretionary portfolios, this is a dedicated team that knows how to make investments work harder for you.

Designed for your comfort

Whatever type of investor you are, there is probably a digiPortfolio that aligns with your risk profile. Furthermore, we have made it easy to start investing - from only $100.

Complete visibility

You can see where your funds have been invested, why, and how your portfolio has been rebalanced. Everything you want and need to know about your investments is available online.

Driven to deliver value

To better drive your investment goals, the DBS investment team stays on the pulse of market developments and aligns your portfolio to the Chief Investment Officer's current investment views.

Nothing to hold your money back

There's no lock-in period for investing. You can withdraw your money or even close your account, anytime.