DBS Online Equity Trading Fees & Charges

Exchange Listed Securities1 – Brokerage & Other Transaction Charges

Brokerage# Exchange fees and charges*
Online Rate* Minimum Charge (Inclusive of GST) Buy Transaction Sell Transaction
Singapore (SG)
0.12% NA

Clearing Fee: 0.0325% of gross amount
Trading Fee: 0.0075% of gross amount

Structure warrants / DLC
Clearing Fee: 0.004% of gross amount
Trading Fee: 0.001% of gross amount

Money Market ETF
Clearing Fee: 0.0001% of gross amount
Trading Fee: 0.0001% of gross amount

Hong Kong (HK)
0.15% HKD 86.40

SFC Transaction Levy: 0.0027% of gross amount

FRC Transaction Levy: 0.00015% of gross amount

Trading Fee: 0.00565% of gross amount

Stamp Duty: 0.13 % of gross amount

United Kingdom (UK)
0.25% GBP 21.60

Stamp Duty:
UK stock:
0.5% of gross amount
EU stock:
1% of gross amount


Panel and Takeover Merger (PTM) Levy:
GBP 1.08 (Inclusive of GST)
(For contract gross value >= GBP 10,000)

Ireland Takeover Panel:
EUR 1.35 (Inclusive of GST)
(For contract gross value >= EUR 12,500)

United States of America (US)
0.15% USD 19.44 NA

SEC Charge: 0.0008% of gross amount

Japan (JP)
0.25% JPY 2,160 NA
Australia (AU)
0.25% AUD 21.60 NA
Canada (CA)
0.25% CAD 21.60 NA

Last updated: 23-Feb-2023

#Brokerage Rate or Minimum Charge (whichever is higher), will apply.

1The brokerage charges are applicable for exchange listed transactions such as Warrants, Rights, Depositary Receipts, Exchange Traded: Funds/ Bonds/ Commodity/ Notes/ Certificates and Similar Securities.
US OTC, Preference Shares, Perpetual, Bonds and Hong Kong listed SPAC, are not available on DBS Online Equity Trading.

Important Notes:

  1. The above fees are subject to review from time to time at the discretion of the Bank.
  2. The information above is prepared on a best effort basis for your reference only.
  3. The Bank accepts no liability for losses arising from reliance on or use of the information.
  4. Where “*” is indicated, the fee or charge will be subjected to GST at the prevailing rate, where applicable.