DBS Online Equity Trading Fees & Charges

Exchange Listed Securities1 – Brokerage & Other Transaction Charges

Brokerage# Exchange fees and charges*
Online Rate* Minimum Charge (Inclusive of GST) Buy Transaction Sell Transaction
Singapore (SG)
0.12% NA

Clearing Fee: 0.0325% of gross amount
Trading Fee: 0.0075% of gross amount

Structure warrants / DLC
Clearing Fee: 0.004% of gross amount
Trading Fee: 0.001% of gross amount

Money Market ETF
Clearing Fee: 0.0001% of gross amount
Trading Fee: 0.0001% of gross amount

Hong Kong (HK)
0.15% HKD 87.20

SFC Transaction Levy: 0.0027% of gross amount

FRC Transaction Levy2: 0.00015% of gross amount

Trading Fee: 0.00565% of gross amount

Stamp Duty: 0.1 % of gross amount

United Kingdom (UK)
0.25% GBP 21.80

Stamp Duty:
UK stock:
0.5% of gross amount
EU stock:
1% of gross amount


Panel and Takeover Merger (PTM) Levy:
GBP 1.09 (Inclusive of GST)
(For contract gross value >= GBP 10,000)

Ireland Takeover Panel:
EUR 1.365 (Inclusive of GST)
(For contract gross value >= EUR 12,500)

United States of America (US)
0.15% USD 19.62 NA

SEC Charge: 0.0008% of gross amount

Japan (JP)
0.25% JPY 2,180 NA
Australia (AU)
0.25% AUD 21.80 NA
Canada (CA)
0.25% CAD 21.80 NA

Last updated: 13-Jan-2024

#Brokerage Rate or Minimum Charge (whichever is higher), will apply.

1The brokerage charges are applicable for exchange listed transactions such as Warrants, Rights, Depositary Receipts, Exchange Traded: Funds/ Bonds/ Commodity/ Notes/ Certificates and Similar Securities.
US OTC, Preference Shares, Perpetual, Bonds and Hong Kong listed SPAC, are not available on DBS Online Equity Trading.

2Effective from 22 November 2023, the name of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has been changed to Accounting and Financial Reporting Council (AFRC). Consequently, the FRC Transaction Levy that is applied on all HKEX trades will now be renamed as AFRC Transaction Levy. As we are in the midst of updating the system to reflect this name change, please take note that you may still see FRC being used in our trading platform, statements, contract notes and advices. There are also no changes to the Transaction Levy rate.

Important Notes:

  1. The above fees are subject to review from time to time at the discretion of the Bank.
  2. The information above is prepared on a best effort basis for your reference only.
  3. The Bank accepts no liability for losses arising from reliance on or use of the information.
  4. Where “*” is indicated, the fee or charge will be subjected to GST at the prevailing rate, where applicable.