CPF Investment Account

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What can I expect from a rights issue?
Visit go.dbs.com/rightsfaq for more details.
*What is the CPFIS Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ)?

You must take the SAQ if you have not opened a CPF investment Account or invested in the CPF Investment Scheme – Special Account before. If you have a CPFIA account, you are encouraged to take the SAQ. The SAQ is to help CPF members self-assess if they have basic financial knowledge and whether the CPFIS is suitable for them. You can access the SAQ via the CPF website after logging in with your SingPass. Under Tools > Assessment Tools > Take the CPFIS Self-Awareness Questionnaire (SAQ).

Can I invest with you if my CPF Investment Account is with another bank?
Yes, you can speak to us on how you can maximise your CPF-OA funds.
How can I check my CPFIA’s Investment?
Log in to digibank and easily view your investments on your CPF Investment Account.
Can I have multiple CPF Investment Accounts?
You can only have one CPF Investment Account at any point of time. If you have an existing CPFIA with another CPFIA agent bank and wish to transfer to DBS, please visit any of our branches to do the CPFIA transfer.
How do I transfer my CPFIS Account from another bank to DBS?
You can visit any of our branches to complete and sign the following forms:
  • CPFIS-Inter-Bank Transfer Form
  • CPFIA Account Opening Form

Due to high volume, the time frame to complete the inter-bank transfer process can take up to 2 weeks*.

Please ensure your CPFIS Account Number is correct and your Signature matches the one in the out-going bank’s record, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Your account transfer is successful and your account is ready for use when your account’s investible limits are updated and a notification letter will be sent to your address in the Bank’s records.

*the time frame to complete the transfer process is also dependent on response time from the outgoing bank.

How much CPF-OA savings I can invest?
You can invest your CPF-OA savings after setting aside S$20,000 in your CPF-OA. In addition, you can only invest up to 35% of investible savings in stocks and 10% of investible savings in gold. To find out how much of your OA savings that you can invest, please log in to myCPF Online Service or visit the CPF website for more details.
Where can I find out more information on my shares corporate action event for my CPF Investment Account?
Information on shares corporate action event can be found in the SGX website. Refer to Company Announcements, under Company Information.
My shares in the CPF Investment Account has a split stock event, when will the shares be credited to my CPF Investment Account?
The 'security credit date' information can be found in the SGX website. Refer to Company Announcements, under Company Information.
What are the fees and charges involved?
Please refer to the schedule of charges for the charges involved.
How can I withdraw my CPF Investment upon reaching 55 years old?
You can withdraw your CPFIA investments and cash balance after setting aside the Full Retirement Sum (FRS) in your Retirement Account (RA).
Please submit your application to CPF Board either through online or by mail. The agent bank/product providers will contact you on the transfer of your investments to you.