Structured Investments

Structured Deposits

Medium to long-term investments that do not require active management.

Structured Deposits

Typical financial instruments include equities, interest rates, market indices, fixed income instruments or a combination of these


  • Tenor: Usually medium to long-term.
  • Tranche Concept: Only available during the specified offer period.
  • Return of Principal: The Bank will return to you the full Principal Amount if the Structured Deposit is held to maturity or Early Redemption (where applicable) by the Bank. In the worst case scenario where the Bank is insolvent, you will lose your full Principal Amount.
  • Payouts: Variable payouts linked to the performance of the underlying financial instrument; some Structured Deposits may offer fixed payouts. Payout frequency may vary.


  • Simplicity: no active management; if you like the structure, open a Structured Deposit Account to get started.
  • Diversified risks, enhanced yields: improve overall returns of a portfolio by broadening exposure to other financial instruments without excessive risk.And earn potentially higher returns riding on the performance of the underlying financial instruments.
  • Exposure to asset/markets not easily accessible by retail investors: e.g. market indices, foreign equities, bonds, interest rates, commodities (crude oil, gold, wheat).

A Structured Deposit is not a Traditional Deposit. It is excluded from insurance coverage under the Deposit Insurance and Policy Owners' Protection Schemes Act 2011.

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Indicative Value
Indicative Value

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