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Fri, Oct 26, 2018 3:00 PM

Hello! I am SGYI, writer behind SG Young Investment. Ask me anything!

I frequently write about planning for your housing needs, CPF hacks, growing your wealth through investment and also insurance matters. I believe not just in saving money but also increasing our income so that we are able to sustain our quality of life.

A few years back, I set out to create multiple streams of income and have managed to create a 5 figure income through dividend investing and blogging. With various financial planning hacks, I am sure all of us can achieve financial independence but still haveenjoyment in life.

The NAV community is made up of people who are passionate to navigate their financial life in the right direction. Some of my financial blogging friends and I are part of this NAV AMA to share with you our experiences and mistakes so as to help others make better financial decisions in life. Growing your wealth, buying a house, getting married and planning for retirement can be overwhelming for individuals but as a community, the support and sharing makes this journey a little more enjoyable and less lonely.

Start your journey by asking anything in this AMA session on 7 Nov 2018, 8pm-9pm and get all the answers and support you need today!

Important disclaimers:

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