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Thu, Oct 4, 2018 2:31 PM

This is Kyith from InvestmentMoats.com. Ask Me Anything!

13 years ago, I started this blog called InvestmentMoats as a diary when I was starting to learn about investing. Since then, the blog has allowed me to learn from many readers that are better than myself, and also find bloggers in the finance blogosphere who became my good friends. I graduated with a degree in computing from a local university as we emerge from SARS. Then, I got a job in the IT sector.  I then stayed in the same company for 14 years. Stayed Single. 

When it comes to wealth management, I am not an over optimizer. I just try to learn enough about each sub disciplines, decide on what to do and run along with it. I build my wealth through active investing. 

I am here to answer your questions in the following area:

  1. General Wealth Management
  2. Any forms of personal finance
  3. Index Investing
  4. Active Stock Investing. This includes punting, value investing. Anything other than technical analysis which I am particularly weak at
  5. Insurance (not a whole lot but on certain philosophies and my opinion on some type of insurance)
  6. Unit Trust
  7. REITs

If you were to ask my how did I get myself equipped to get to where I am, I would say I had some help learning. I read a lot, but it is through the community that I gain the most growth. I asked some of the most naive investing and insurance questions, and the experienced community members was there to educate me. 

If you wish to get better, participating in groups like these YourNav Community will help you build up the competency to protect your wealth, grow your wealth over time.

So, if you have a question for me, ask me anything on 10 October 2018,Wednesday, from 7pm to 9pm, right here on YourNAV Community.