Cashline - Ways to use

If you have applied for Cashline without a Chequebook, these are ways to use Cashline.

  • Online Fund Transfer or FAST
    • Use Cashline to perform online fund transfer or FAST to third payment account.
    • Select Transfer > Choose transfer options > Choose Cashline as the account to transfer.
  • Online bill payment
    • Use Cashline to do bill payment
    • Select Pay Bills> Choose Billing organisation > Choose Cashline as the account to transfer.


  • Withdraw cash from Cashline from the ATM Card given
    • Upon approval of the Cashline account, an ATM Card will be sent to your shortly within 3 working days after receiving an SMS notice on Cashline approval. Please activate based on the instruction on the letter.
    • A PIN mailer will be sent separately for the ATM Card PIN number. Once received, you can go to any DBS/POSB ATMs to change the password and withdraw cash from Cashline using the ATM Card, up to the defaulted daily withdrawal amount of $2,000 or maximum of your credit limit granted.
  • Perform NETS transaction from your Cashline ATM Card.
    • You can purchase items through NETS using your Cashline ATM Card. Amount will be taken from the Cashline available credit limit.


  • Choose e-cheque functionality in Internet Banking
    • Send an e-cheque from Cashline. A physical cheque will be sent directly to the recipient. Service is free of charge.
    • Select Transfer> More Transfer Services > Purchase Cheque (Mail).

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