DBS Cashline Exclusive

Ways to use your DBS Cashline Account

  • Cashline Auto Top-up: Link your Current/Savings account to your Cashline account and enjoy seamless top-up service whenever your Current/Savings account balance falls below a pre-set level
  • Transfer funds, withdraw cash and pay bills with DBS/POSB ATMs, DBS Digibank/iBanking or Cashline chequebook
  • Make transactions via AXS machine, AXS m-Station, AXS e-Station and NETS point-of-sale

No fixed repayment periods

  • Repay as quickly as you want or whenever you have funds
  • No early repayment fees

Low interest rates

  • 20.5% per annum, effectively 0.06% per day
  • No interest will be charged if no amount is used

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