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DBS Share Financing is a revolving loan facility secured by shares and ETF+ (Exchange Traded Fund). With Share Financing, you can enjoy the flexibility of managing your investments with greater purchasing power, and improve your cash flow by using the loan facility to settle your purchases. You may also withdraw cash against your pledged investments for personal use.

Read this quick guide to margin trading to understand how Share Financing works.

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To connect with our relationship managers, or refer to Share Financing FAQ.


How to apply

Apply online

Apply Online with your Digibank ID or using your DBS Card & Pin


Features & Benefits

Greater Investment Power

With the additional funds (loans) made available, you can take advantage of more investment opportunities to maximise your potential returns.*

  without Financing with Financing
Capital S$100,000 S$350,000
Financing NIL S$250,000
Capital Gain (%) 6% 6%
Capital Gain ($) S$6,000.00 S$21,000.00
Loan Interest Rate (p.a.) NIL 4.99%
Loan Interest Payable (p.a.) NIL S$12,475.00
Return of Investment (%) 6% 8.53%
Return of Investment ($) S$6,000.00 S$8,525.00

Improved Cash Flow

Pledge your fully-paid shares and ETF as collateral and enjoy the financing flexibility of withdrawing cash against it^

Shares pledged to DBS Cash you can withdraw
S$100,000 S$70,000

Maximize Flexibility

For financing on Singapore markets, trade through any broking houses of your choice. In addition to shares, you can trade and finance on ETFs as well.

Daily interest

Earn interest on cash balances in your account and make the most of your savings.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Our dedicated Relationship Managers will be there to assist your share financing needs.

+ Financing on ETF is available for Singapore market only. 
* Example: Assuming that you buy S$100,000 worth of shares
^ Example: Assuming you pledge your fully paid-up shares worth S$100,000
Tables are only meant for illustration purposes. Loan interest rate is subject to changes by the Bank from time to time.


Marginable Securities List

To view a comprehensive list of valuation for the different shares and ETF, download the Marginable Securities List:

  1. Combined Marginable Securities List
  2. Singapore Marginable Securities List, including ETF
  3. Hong Kong Marginable Securities List
  4. U.S. Marginable Securities List

Some of the shares are accorded a higher single counter concentration limit up to SGD 3,000,000 (This is a subset of the above marginable securities list):

  1. Singapore Marginable Securities Group A/B/C List, including ETF
  2. Hong Kong Marginable Securities Group A List
  3. U.S. Marginable Securities Group A List

This product is not available for US Tax person and residents in Australia and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Refer to Share Financing FAQs for more information

The Share Financing (General Terms & Conditions) Agreement has been updated as of 15th April 2021.

Refer to Share Financing Fees Schedule .

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