Secured Financing

DBS Share Financing

A loan facility that helps you leverage your share investments for better investment flexibility and cash flow management.

 DBS Share Financing

Enjoy the freedom to trade with any broking house with DBS Share Financing — a loan facility secured by shares. You’ll get the flexibility of managing your share investment portfolio and withdraw cash against your pledged shares, giving you greater purchasing power, better cash flow and more flexibility to trade

Download the Marginable Securities List (Set 1) to view a comprehensive list of valuation for the different counters. Download the Marginable Securities List (Set 2) for counters that provides higher financing quantum.

Marginable Securities List (Set 1)       Marginable Securities List (Set 2)

    • Greater Investment Power
      With the additional funds (loans) made available, you can take advantage of more investment opportunities to maximise your potential returns.

      *Example: Assuming that you buy S$100,000 worth of shares

       with Financingwithout Financing
      Cash outlayS$30,000S$100,000
      DBS Share FinancingS$70,000S$0
      Shares purchasedS$100,000S$100,000
      Maintenance Margin140%not applicable

      *Tables are only meant for illustration purposes

    • Improved Cash Flow
      Pledge your fully-paid shares as collateral and enjoy the financing flexibility of withdrawing cash against it

      *Example: Assuming you pledge your fully paid-up shares worth S$100,000

      Shares pledged to DBS S$100,000
      Cash you can withdraw S$70,000

    • Flexibility to choose your own broker
      Trade through the broking houses of your choice.

    • Daily interest
      Enjoy interest on your cash balances in your account and make the most of your savings.

    • Cash withdrawal at your convenience
      Enjoy the freedom to transfer cash to your DBS/POSB savings/current account and withdraw cash from over 1000 DBS/POSB ATMs islandwide.

    • Dedicated Relationship Manager
      Our dedicated Relationship Managers will be there to assist your share financing needs.

  • Competitive interest rate
    With our attractive bank interest rates, you can make the most out of your investments.

How to Apply

  • Call us at 6333 0033 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm) to arrange for an appointment.
    Alternatively, you may leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you within 3 working days

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The Margin Trading (General Terms & Conditions) Agreement has been updated as of 22 April 2016.

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