You may have heard of the saying “time is money” one too many times, but the reverse of that is possibly even more important – “money is time”.

Building wealth is about buying quality assets – equities, bonds, or unit trusts – and allowing time to help you build value. On this journey, learn how to identify what is a good quality asset and the benefits of having a diversified portfolio… And before you know it, you could be talking to your peers about the discipline of ‘time in market’ versus ‘timing the market’!

How do I start investing?


How to score your first Investment

Here are some ways to invest


Which type of investor are you? (Part 1)

Learning about your investor profile puts you in a better position to decide what to invest in


Which type of investor are you? (Part 2)

Whether you are a jittery newbie or socially conscious investor, here are some tips.


Investing within your budget

With investing, you can start small and build your portfolio over time

Investment approach