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DBS NAV Planner is an intuitive digital advisory tool that is built to grow with you as you journey through life. You can track, protect and grow your money all in one place – even if parts of it are not with DBS.

Journey along with us as we share tips on how you can build a strong foundation for your finances, and achieve life's important milestones.


How to get your finances in tip-top condition

calculate your net worth

How to calculate your net worth

Your net worth = assets minus liabilities. With this info, you'll understand your finances better, and work your way to reach your goals.


How to manage your savings and spending efficiently

Leaving your savings and expenses to guesstimation is a big no-no! Here's how you can manage your spend and save habits better.


How to do a quick health check on your finances at home

Dive into your financial health and find out areas that are on track and which need improvement. Also, we'll give you some #protips!


How to achieve financial freedom faster

Here's how you can peek into your financial future and project your income streams and expenses. No crystal balls needed!


Money hacks that actually work

calculate your net worth

To know your true worth

Track all your assets and liabilities with our #lifehack so you never fly blind on your journey towards financial freedom.


To have these in a personal finance app

Imagine having a #bff who can give you tips on reaching your financial goals and keep your spending in check, that's us!


To get better investment recommendations

Want to make your money work as hard as you? Learn how you can get better investment recommendations with our digital advisor.


Actionable tips to improve your finances

calculate your net worth

Young parents – Planning for finance in the now and future

Remember this: Get ahead by getting started. Find out how you can use NAV Planner to stay on top of your money game.


What to ask before getting your first insurance policy

Getting insurance is a long-term commitment. Work out exactly what you need and bridge protection gaps with this handy tool.


Thinking of a job switch? Get the low-down from CEOs and senior recruiters.

Thinking about quitting but unsure of what to do? Here are some expert tips from recruiters and a CEO, we’ve got your back!


In your 20s and thinking of moving out on your own?

Moving out of your parent’s place? YAY to you! Pick up some tips on how to make this part of adulting as smooth as possible.


Getting my finances sorted as a complete noob in my 20s

The earlier you start, the better off you'll be. If you've been putting this off because you don't know how, we've got you!

Ready to start?

Check out NAV Planner to analyse your real-time financial health. The best part is, it’s fuss-free – we automatically work out your money flows and provide money tips.

Alternatively, speak to a Wealth Planning Manager today for a financial health check and how you can better plan your finances.

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These articles are meant for information only and should not be relied upon as financial advice. Before making any decision to buy, sell or hold any investment or insurance product, you should seek advice from a financial adviser regarding its suitability.

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