Back by popular demand with S$1,000 up for grabs!

Bolbol is back for 5days only! Now open to all ages.

From now until 22 January 2021, join your pixelised companion Bolbol, build Blocks with your friends or other players and potentially get cash from our prize pool of S$1,000! Bolbol is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars - so you know it’s going to be fun 😉

For those of you who enjoyed Bolbol in the previous seasons, join us again and check out the daily challenges (get a sneak peek in the FAQs)!

Join the world of Bolbol in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Head on over to the game at

Step 2: Bring a friend along to build blocks with you or get matched with a random player online!

Step 3: Send over your Blocks to Mayor Pyramid and we’ll reward you with some cash transferred to your PayLah! wallet at the end of the campaign. It’s while stocks last, so fastest fingers first!

Click here to play

Terms and conditions apply, click here to find out more.

Download PayLah! for the best game experience!

And because going cashless helps you to keep track of your expenses, pay in a jiffy and so much more!

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  1. I played Bolbol previously, so how do I log back into the game?

    We’re glad to have you back! It’s simple – just visit Enter your email address that you have previously registered with Bolbol to receive your OTP. Once you’ve keyed in the OTP, you’ll be back in the world of Bolbol.

  2. Are my leftover Blocks and resources from the previous event still in my inventory?

    Blocks and resources have a very limited shelf life if left idle – they turn bad after sitting in the inventory for a few weeks! Mayor Pyramid has sent some helpers to clear all inventories to keep the city clean. All players will begin anew in this event.

  3. What’s new in this version of Bolbol?

    This season, there are now daily challenges for you to complete to help Mayor Pyramid expand his city faster (and maybe cash out even sooner!). Read more about it under the “About Challenges” section further below.

    Also now, there only 5 days for you to build as many Blocks as possible, so hurry up!

  1. What is BolBol all about?

    Bolbol is an online game created by DBS and Sqkii with S$1,000 up for grabs! Play with friends or other players, build Blocks fast and send them to Mayor Pyramid for cash prizes to be credited to your DBS PayLah! wallet. This game is open from 18 January 2021 to 22 January 2021, so hurry and join the world of Bolbol!

  2. How do I play?

    Sign up at with your email address and your mobile number.

    • If you don’t have PayLah! yet, use the mobile number that’s registered with DBS/POSB
    • If you already have PayLah!, use the mobile number linked to your PayLah!

    This way, any cash prize you may qualify for after sending Blocks to Mayor Pyramid will be credited to your PayLah! wallet.

    Once successfully registered, you’ll become the proud owner of a pixelised companion Bolbol and here’s what happens:

    1. You’ll go through a game tutorial that shows you how to play.
    2. Thereafter, you’re free to explore the world of Bolbol and play on your own.
    3. Invite your friends to play with you or get matched with a random player online, because 2 Bolbols need to get together before they can start to build Blocks.
    4. Once you’ve built enough Blocks, you can cash-out by sending the Blocks to Mayor Pyramid. You will have to provide your phone number to cash-out successfully.
    5. At the end of the entire game, Mayor Pyramid will give you cash in your DBS PayLah! wallet once he determines your Blocks are qualified for cash-out.
  3. Why do I need to register my mobile number during the cash-out process?

    With your mobile number, any cash prize that you may qualify for after sending Blocks to Mayor Pyramid will be credited to your DBS PayLah! wallet, which is linked to the mobile number you provided.

    • If you don’t have PayLah! yet, use the mobile number that you have registered with DBS/POSB.
      You can then proceed to register for PayLah! with that same mobile number, latest by 22 January 2021.
    • If you already have PayLah!, use the mobile number linked to your PayLah!

    We will also be able to verify if you have performed the required cashless transactions for the skips you have used in the game. You can read more about cashless transactions and skips further down this FAQ.

  4. Sounds cool - but who can play this game?

    This game is open to players of all ages. Simply register at for a player account and start building!

    For full eligibility criteria, please refer to our Terms & Conditions here.

  5. I’m not a DBS/POSB customer! Can I still play Bolbol?

    Yes you still can! However, you won’t be able to get any cash prizes, so we highly recommend you consider becoming a DBS/POSB customer. That way, when you do the required cashless transactions and send Blocks to Mayor Pyramid, we will be able to verify your cashless transactions and credit the cash prize to your DBS PayLah! wallet.
  6. I’m a DBS/POSB customer but I don’t have DBS PayLah! yet. Can I still play Bolbol?

    Yes you still can! We highly recommend that you register for a DBS PayLah! wallet ASAP after you sign up for the game, latest by 22 January 2021. Any cash prize you qualify for will be credited to your DBS PayLah! wallet.

  1. Why do I need to wait 240 minutes for a building session to end?

    Patience is a virtue.

    On a more serious note, Bolbols need the time to mix, shape and wait for the Blocks to dry before you can store them in your Inventory. Also, they enjoy taking breaks and eating Popsicles with their friends!

  2. I want to build Blocks faster though! How do I skip the waiting time?

    Yeah we know you’re itching to build fast and sell to Mayor Pyramid for your cash-out! You can skip, just make sure you do a cashless transaction of minimum S$1.00 anytime from the day of your first skip until 22 January 2021, 2359 hours! Every skip you use needs a cashless transaction. It can be any of the following:

    With DBS PayLah!:

    • Payments to merchants through DBS PayLah! in-app checkout, merchant in-app checkout, web checkout, express checkout
    • Scan & Pay transaction to pay merchants using PayLah! by scanning the NETS, SG, PayNow and/or FavePay QR codes. Simply look out for the logos below at your favourite outlets:

  1. How do I send my Blocks for cash-out?

    If you have collected enough Blocks to cash-out, tap on Mayor Pyramid and let him know Fhow many Blocks you would like to send to him.

    However, do keep in mind that Mayor Pyramid will only have a total of S$1,000 to give out. When he has reviewed all the Blocks sent to him and is ready to give out the cash, he will do so based on the earliest qualified cash-outs first, so do send in your blocks as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

    Mayor Pyramid is a very careful mayor! So after the game ends on 22 January 2021, he’ll take time to review all the Blocks that many Bolbols have sent to him. Once he has identified all the qualified Blocks, he will send the cash prizes to the DBS PayLah! wallets of quick and honest Bolbol owners!

  2. Why is there a different cash-out conversion rate every day?

    To encourage as many Bolbols to contribute Blocks as much as possible, Mayor Pyramid has decided to increase the Blocks-to-cash conversion rate every few days!

    You will be able to see today's rate by either:

    • Tapping on the dollar sign icon on the top-left of the home screen, or
    • Speaking to Mayor Pyramid directly.

    Alternatively, you can view the rates for all the days here (the new rate will take effect from midnight onwards):

    Date Cash-out value
    18/1/21 S$0.20
    19/1/21 S$0.50
    20/1/21 S$1.00
    21/1/21 S$3.00
    22/1/21 S$6.00
  3. When I send Blocks to Mayor Pyramid, do I get cash-out immediately in my DBS PayLah! wallet?

    We’re afraid not, ‘cos Mayor Pyramid needs time to review all the Blocks to see which Blocks are qualified Blocks! So for now, he’ll tell you what is the cash equivalent of Blocks you sent to him, but after 22 January 2021, he'll review the Blocks from all Bolbols carefully, then calculate the cash-outs for those who qualify.
  4. Then when will Bolbol owners who qualified for cash-out receive the cash prize in their DBS PayLah! wallets?

    Mayor Pyramid will credit cash prizes to all qualified Bolbol owners in their DBS PayLah! wallets latest by 26 February 2021.

  1. What are challenges and where can I find them?

    Mayor Pyramid’s goal is to expand his city as fast as possible! You can assist him faster (and maybe even cash out sooner!) if you take part in challenges – there will be a new challenge issued daily at midnight, and anyone who completes it by 2359 hours of the same day will receive a reward. Click on the menu icon in the game to view the “Challenges” page.

  2. What are the rewards?

    Depending on the challenge each day, you may rewarded with more Grey Sand, GloCrystals, Popsicles, Sticky Glue or even Blocks!

  3. What happens once I have completed a challenge?

    Once you have completed all tasks in a challenge, a reward box will appear on your screen. Tap on it to collect your reward!