Exclusive promotion: Enjoy 10% off usual redemption rates with DBS Points for your departmental store vouchers this festive season!

This promotion is valid from 1st December 2022 – 31st January 2023.

Merchant Voucher Original DBS Points Current DBS Points
(10% discount)


Isetan S$20 Voucher

1,450 DBS Points

1,305 DBS Points

Isetan S$50 Voucher

3,600 DBS Points

3,240 DBS Points


Takashimaya Department Store S$10 Voucher

800 DBS Points

720 DBS Points

Takashimaya Department Store S$50 Voucher

3,200 DBS Points

2,880 DBS Points

Takashimaya Department Store S$100 Voucher

6,150 DBS Points

5,535 DBS Points


BHG S$30 Voucher

1,850 DBS Points

1,665 DBS Points


TANGS S$20 Gift Card

1,400 DBS Points

1,260 DBS Points

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Valid for redemption on DBS Rewards website only. DBS Rewards Redemption Programme Terms and Conditions apply.

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