Get up to S$180 cashback with Cashline

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Get up to $180 cashback with Cashline

From now till 31 July 2017, apply for a Cashline, a line of credit and receive S$120 cashback when you sign up successfully. Get an additional S$60 when you meet a min. usage of S$500 within the first 2 statement months from Cashline approval date.

 Sign-up Gift
New to DBS/POSB Credit Cards


Successful sign up of Cashline: S$120 cashback
Use of S$500 from Cashline: S$60 cashback
Existing DBS/POSB Credit Cardmembers


Successful sign up of Cashline: S$20 cashback
Use of S$500 from Cashline: S$60 cashback

How to Apply

Login using (1) Internet Banking or (2) Card and PIN to enjoy a shorter application. Also, get instant approval1 if you choose salary crediting as income document selection and get your account immediately (subjected to approval).

How to Use

With the granted credit limit, you can withdraw cash from Cashline account in these few ways:

Digibank app

Perform Online Transfers or Bill Payments with Internet Banking or Digibank app.

  • Select Transfer > Choose transfer options > Choose Cashline as the account to transfer.
  • Select Pay Bills > Choose billing organization > Choose Cashline as the account to transfer.
Digibank app

Withdraw cash from Cashline from the ATM Card given.

  • An ATM Card and PIN mailer will be sent separately. Please activate the ATM card based on instructions on the letter.
  • After changing the PIN number, ATM card can be used to withdraw cash from any DBS/POSB ATM.
Digibank app

NETS transaction from Cashline ATM Card

  • You can purchase items through NETS using your Cashline ATM Card. Amount will be from the Cashline available credit limit.

Illustration on Using Cashline
John applied for a Cashline account and is approved with a credit limit of S$10,000.
He withdraws S$3,000 from his Cashline and pays back in 30 days.

Cash from Cashline Account
- Cashline interest rate*: 19.8% per annum
- Interest after 30 days: S$3,000 x (30/365) X 19.8% = S$49

You can view your Cashline details in Internet Banking or Digibank or via your Cashline statement which will be sent to you on monthly basis.

Promotion Terms and Conditions

* Effective interest rate of Cashline is 19.8% p.a.

^ Figures are simplified for illustration purposes.

1 DBS will only process applications that meet the bank's internal requirements. Please note that there is a downtime daily from 11.45PM to 8.00AM and application will be pending status during downtime.

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