How to load DBS QR Ang Baos


How to redeem DBS QR Ang Baos via PayLah!


How to redeem DBS QR Ang Baos via PayNow (non-DBS customers)


How to send DBS eGift


Who can participate in this campaign?

This campaign is open to all DBS/POSB customers aged 18 years and above, with a DBS/POSB Deposit Account and DBS PayLah! account. No registration is required. (For the avoidance of doubt, DBS Corporate account holders will not be eligible to participate in this Campaign)

What is the qualifying period for this campaign?

This campaign will run from 15 January till 29 February 2024, both dates inclusive.

How do I qualify for this campaign?

You can earn a lucky draw chance to qualify for this campaign if you have done the following during the campaign period:

  • Sent an eGift of minimum S$8 via DBS PayLah! to another unique customer; OR
  • Loaded a QR Ang Bao of minimum S$8 via DBS PayLah! and gave it to another unique customer who then redeem it via DBS PayLah! or PayNow; AND
  • Did not exceed $600 cash withdrawals from your DBS/POSB accounts

DBS Digital Gifts

I am not a DBS PayLah! user, how do I download DBS PayLah!?

Simply search for ‘DBS PayLah!’ in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei App Gallery and download it for free! For more information on how to apply for DBS PayLah!, please click here.

What is a DBS eGift and how do I send it?

DBS eGift is a digital Ang Bao feature on DBS PayLah!. You may send an eGift by tapping on ‘Pay’ button at the Homepage, and toggle on the ‘Send as eGift’ button. Your transaction will be sent as a digital gift.

What is a DBS QR Ang Bao and where can I get it?

The DBS QR Ang Bao is a loadable gift card embedded with a QR code. You can load up to S$999 using DBS PayLah! and gift it to your loved ones and friends who in turn can redeem the value loaded in the QR Ang Bao using DBS PayLah!. DBS QR Ang Baos are free for collection at all DBS/POSB branches from 10 January 2024.

How to load a DBS QR Ang Bao and how does the receiver redeem it?

Find out how to use it here.

How to cancel QR Ang Bao via PayLah!?

Select “QR Gift” on your PayLah! home screen and go to “QR Gift Dashboard” to cancel the QR Ang Bao you wish to cancel.

Do I earn multiple lucky draw chances for all DBS eGift and QR Ang Bao transactions made during the campaign period?

Each eligible customer is entitled to only one lucky draw chance regardless of the number of eligible eGift or QR Ang Bao transactions he/she made during the campaign period. Details could be found under Clause 2.1 and 2.2 of the terms and conditions.

Do I earn any lucky draw chances for receiving a DBS eGift (or DBS QR Ang Bao)?

No. Receiving DBS QR Ang Baos or eGifts will not earn you any lucky draw chance. To earn a lucky draw chance and qualify for this campaign, you would need to meet the eligibility criteria stated under Clause 2.1 of the terms and conditions.

Cash Withdrawal

Are cashier’s orders considered as cash withdrawal?

No, cashier’s orders are not considered as cash withdrawal.

Is cash withdrawal via Cash-Point considered as cash withdrawal?

No. Only withdrawals made at local DBS/POSB ATMs or branches, as well as notes obtained through online reservations, will be taken into account.

If my partner withdraws cash from our joint account, will it be counted towards my cash withdrawals as well?
Yes. A cash withdrawal from a joint account at DBS/POSB Branches (with or without DBS/POSB Cards) will be considered as cash withdrawals for all joint account holders.

Lucky Draw

When and where will the lucky draw be conducted?
The lucky draw will be conducted on 30 April 2024 with external auditors present at our office located at 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central @ MBFC Tower 3, Singapore 018982.
How many winners will be picked from the draw and what do they win?

A total of 1,003 lucky winners will be picked from the draw. Prize won depends on the Prize Category the winner falls under.

Prize Fulfilment

How and when will the winners be notified if they have won the draw?

Winners will be notified via the communication channel(s) below within 7 calendar days from the draw date:

  • An electronic Push Notification via their DBS/POSB mobile apps; and/ or
  • An electronic direct mailer at their email address in DBS’ records; and/ or
  • A notification letter at their mailing address in DBS’ records Winners should ensure that their postal and email addresses with DBS are up to date.

Winners should ensure that their postal and email addresses with DBS are up to date.

How will the winners receive the prize?

The Prize won from this Campaign will be credited to the Winners’ active DBS/POSB single account with the smallest account number within 2 months from the draw date. If Winners do not have any active DBS/POSB single accounts, the Prize will be credited to the Winners’ active DBS/POSB joint account with the smallest account number. The Prize shall be forfeited if the winner's DBS/POSB account(s) is terminated or suspended at the time of crediting.

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