Investing in Unit Trusts has never been more rewarding

Invest with ease on our new Online Funds Investing (OFI) platform, where you can securely and conveniently access a wide range of Unit Trusts, search for funds effortlessly and rebalance your portfolio 24/7.

To help you make every dollar count, enjoy a promotional sales charge of 0.82%* for all online Unit Trust transactions.

What's more, get cashback into your PayLah! mobile wallet when you set up a Regular Savings Plan (RSP) online from 1 July to 30 September 2018.

Here’s how it works:

Singapore and Foreign currency RSP

Each eligible Customer is entitled to a full rebate for all Unit Trust transactions done via Internet Banking during the Promotional Period, capped at S$125 cashback per RSP per quarter.

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Investing in Unit Trusts

Online Funds Investing

Our new DBS Online Funds Investing platform allows you to:

  • Invest in over 100 Unit Trusts online in 10 currencies
  • Access fund information, including research analysis and investment strategies
  • View all of your cash Unit Trust holdings in a consolidated statement
  • Search for funds with ease, categorised by asset class, geography or fund manager
  • View your unrealized profit-and-loss position, which is determined by the cost price at which the unit trust was purchased

Click here to learn more about investing in Unit Trusts or search for funds using our Fund Search tool.

Benefits of investing in a Regular Savings Plan

  • Fuss-free monthly contribution via interbank GIRO or monthly deductions from your DBS/POSB savings or current account on the 15th of every month (or the next business day if 15th is a non business day)
  • Invest affordable amounts regularly from just S$100/month
  • Long-term investing through Dollar Cost Averaging, which eliminates guesswork in investing and allows you potentially enjoy a lower average cost over time, compared to lump sum investing.

Click here to learn more about investing in Unit Trusts or search for funds using our Fund Search tool.

How does Dollar Cost Averaging work?

Table list

Average cost per unit: S$1,000 / 1,069.09 units = S$0.935

(Average cost per unit is derived by averaging monthly contributions across the total number of units bought over 5 months. This reflects the cost you have paid to acquire each unit of the fund)

Average cost per unit: S$4.73 / 5 months = S$0.946

(Average price per unit is derived by averaging the unit prices over 5 months)

The example above shows how Dollar Cost Averaging in RSP can result in a lower cost per unit and lower average price per unit. With the same total contribution of S$1,000, RSP allows you buy more units (total of 1,069.00 units) at a lower average unit price of S$0.935 over five months as compared with lump-sum contribution (total of 1000.00 units bought at a unit price of S$1.00 in January).

Click here to learn more about investing in Unit Trusts or search for funds using our Fund Search tool.

Lump sum investing

Characteristics of lump sum investing:

  • One-time contribution with ad-hoc funds (e.g. an inheritance or bonus)
  • Additional contributions as and when funds are available
  • Start from just S$1,000 for certain funds

Combine lump-sum Contribution and RSP

  • Make a lump sum contribution (e.g. with your bonus) but continue investing with regular monthly contributions
  • Start investing with a lump sum of S$1,000 for certain funds and continue with monthly contributions of at least S$100/month

Click here to learn more about investing in Unit Trusts or search for funds using our Fund Search tool.


^Sales charge for offline Unit Trust transactions is up to 5%
*Customers must have a valid PayLah! account or open one within 14 days of receiving the credit notification. Otherwise, the credit amount will be forfeited.

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