Fire Insurance ≠ Home Contents Insurance
If you have only fire insurance to protect your home, you’re getting limited or no coverage on your home contents and renovations. That means a huge sum of what you invested in your home is not protected.

Start protecting your home contents and renovations with myHome Protect. Buy an annual plan in August to enjoy free home contents insurance for 1 month*. Remember to select “Annual” on the “Payment Details” page to enjoy the promotion.

Promotion period: 1 August to 31 August 2020

By clicking the “Buy now” button, you will be leaving our website to access Chubb’s website. Please ensure that you understand Chubb’s product features and terms before purchasing.

How much is myHome Protect?
For a Classic plan, you enjoy S$90,000 coverage on your renovations and S$40,000 coverage on your contents – all at just S$84.21 per year if you remain claim-free for 12 months! We break it down for you below.

myHome Protect Amount
Annual premium before discount
(including GST)
Annual premium (with free 1 month cover)
(including GST)
No Claim Bonus
Receive 25% refund of the preceding 12 months'
premium paid (excluding GST) if there is no claim
Amount you pay effectively for a year of
coverage if you remain claim-free for 12 months

Learn about the product benefits here.

*Promotion terms and conditions apply


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