Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fave?

Fave is a fintech platform providing QR payments & Loyalty Cashback to restaurant & retailers. Starting from August 2020, DBS PayLah! users can transact digitally via the scanning of SGQR codes at FavePay partners.

What are Fave e-Cashbacks and Partner Cashbacks?

Fave has 3 types of cashback:

Fave Cashback: Fave Cashback is earned via a promo code and usable across all product functions - FavePay, Fave Deals and eCards. Valid for 30 days.

Fave e-Cashback: These are valid for 3 months from the date of issuance to offset your future transactions on Fave app, such as Fave deals, or eCards. All e-Cashback issued this year will expire by 31 Dec 2021.

Fave Partner Cashback: This cashback is earned via a FavePay transaction and usable at the same merchant. It is the return of a percentage of your total bill (not including any amount paid with promo codes and cashback) in the form of partner cashback. For example, the restaurant offers a 15% cashback. Your total bill at XYZ Restaurant is S$10 and you pay S$2 in cashback, while S$8 is paid for in cash.

After a successful FavePay transaction, you will receive S$1.20 (15% of cash amount paid) in partner cashback that can be used during your next visit at XYZ Restaurant. This cashback will be added to your partner cashback. You can use the cashback for your next FavePay transaction with the same partner as they are valid for 2-3 months. The validity of the cashback is indicated in your Fave account.

What are Fave Deals and eCards?

Fave Deals and eCards are pre-purchased vouchers that can be used at Fave’s participating partners. These vouchers can be bought via the Fave app with Fave credits.

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