Smile more with the Smiles Private Hire Card, and further accelerate your savings with the DBS Visa Debit Card.

Enjoy up to 26.4% fuel savings* when you tap & pay at the pump at any Esso service stations with Smiles Private Hire and DBS Visa Debit Cards!

Here’s how:
Step 1: Register at any Esso service stations with your Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational License. Click here to find out more on Smiles Private Hire Card.

Step 2: If you do not have a DBS Visa Debit Card, apply here.

Step 3: Tap to Pay outdoor at any Esso service stations and get up to 26.4% fuel savings* today!

*Illustration as follows:


DBS Visa Debit Cards
(Outdoor Contactless Payment)
5% Cashback

Savings calculated based on S$100 gross fuel spend at Esso

Limit cash withdrawals to S$400 or less


S$400 minimum spend with DBS/POSB1 monthly.

Smiles Private Hire Card instant discount2


DBS Visa Debit Card Cashback3


Total savings


Esso Smiles savings4

Up to 2.4% Smiles Savings

Total effective savings


1Cash withdrawal is calculated across all DBS/POSB Debit/Credit/ATM Cards held by the customer at all local DBS/POSB ATMs and branches in the calendar month. The minimum spend of S$400 can be accumulated through Visa transactions made with the eligible DBS Visa Debit Card. More details at

2 20% Smiles Private Hire Card instant discount at Esso service stations comprises of 16% instant fuel discount and 4% promotional fuel discount from now until 30 Decemeber 2019.

3 Cashback is awarded on local Visa Contactless transactions up to S$200 provisioned with the DBS Visa Debit Card. Local Visa Contactless transactions includes in-store payments made by the DBS Visa Debit Card provisioned to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Capped at S$50 per month.

4 ^Smiles members will be awarded Smiles Points equivalent to 1.8% (normal tier) or 2.4% (bonus tier) fuel savings when 250 litres of Synergy fuel is purchased within a calendar month. 1.8%/2.4% fuel savings is computed based on the pump price of Synergy Extra as at 7 December 2018. Terms and conditions apply. For details, please visit for the terms and conditions of the Smiles Driver Rewards programme.

Don’t have a DBS Visa Debit Card?


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