Here's a sweet deal for a suite view - we've reserved 50 Singapore Airlines Suites tickets for 50 lucky travellers this 2018! Will you be one of them? Just book your trip with your DBS/POSB card, register and win.

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Increase your chances of winning with every spend.

Plus, register your trip and let us know where you’re headed to receive travel privileges, such as discounts on travel insurance, hotel bookings and more.

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Promotion ends 31 December 2018. *Terms and conditions apply.

It's luxury 30,000 feet in the air

Experience a world that revolves around you on the Singapore Airlines Suites. Lounge on a standalone bed with adjustable headrest, or recline on a separate swivel seat upholstered in full-grain leather to ensure a comfortable journey.

Heighten your taste buds with culinary creations by acclaimed chefs, as well as a selection of fine wines and champagnes.

Complete with award-winning service, it’s a difference you’ll experience the moment you step on board. Find out more here.



  1. What must I do to qualify for this campaign?

    You must make a travel booking with any DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Card, and register via the online form to qualify. Refer to T&C’s Section 1 for details.

  2. I have booked a trip with a non-DBS/POSB card. Am I eligible to provide the details of this trip and register for this campaign?

    No, you must provide details of trips booked with a DBS/POSB card. For verification purposes, you are required to provide the booking transaction amount of the first travel booking you've made with your DBS/POSB card for this trip.

  3. How do I know if I've successfully registered for this trip?

    You will receive a confirmation SMS to the mobile no. registered with us, within 2 working days. If you need to update your registered mobile no., or email address, just follow the instructions here.

  4. I'm a supplementary cardmember. Can I participate?

    Supplementary Cardmembers are not entitled to participate in the lucky draw, and will not be awarded any chances for the draw.

    However, spends made on Supplementary Cards will entitle their Principal Cardmember to earn chances.


  1. To earn chances, must the $500 be in a single receipt?

    No, chances are not allocated based on min. $500 spend in a single receipt. Chances will be allocated based on total accumulated spends from 13 April - 31 December.

  2. How are my chances calculated? For example, I spend a total of e.g. $3,000 on travel bookings and $10,000 on all other local/overseas spend during the qualifying period.

    You'll earn 30 chances (5*$3,000/$500) on travel bookings + 20 chances (1*$10,000/$500) on all other local/overseas spend = 50 chances to win in the lucky draw.

  3. What if I register after making my travel bookings? For example, I registered in June but made my travel bookings/local/overseas spend with my DBS/POSB card in May. Will these transactions earn me any chances?

    Yes. Transactions that are made from 13 April - 31 December will earn you chances, regardless of when you register.

  4. What constitutes as travel booking?

    A travel booking is any spend on Airline, Hotel or Travel Agents made with any DBS/POSB card, including Airbnb. A local hotel transaction is not counted as a travel booking.

  5. What constitutes as Qualifying Spend?

    Qualifying Spend is based on transacted and posted retail sales across your DBS/POSB cards, made during the qualifying period from 13 April to 31 December 2018.

  6. What does not constitute as Qualifying Spend?

    Transactions that do not constitute as Qualifying spend include bill payments via internet banking and all transactions vis AXS, SAM, eNETS, payments to educational, government and financial institutions etc. Refer to T&C’s Clause 3e for full details.

  7. How can I find out how many chances I've earned?

    We will send you a quarterly update (end June, September, December) on the chances you’ve earned via your bank registered mobile no. If you need to update your registered mobile no., or email address, just follow the instructions here.

Your upcoming trip

  1. What if I’ve already booked a trip? For example, I booked a trip on 30 March with my DBS/POSB Card, to travel to Japan. I have not yet embarked upon my Japan trip and I intend to register for this campaign. Under "Your upcoming trip" section, can I provide details of my upcoming Japan trip to complete the registration?

    Yes, you can provide your upcoming Japan trip details to register for the Draw, since you had booked with a DBS/POSB card and have not yet embarked on the trip.

    However, as the travel booking was made before the qualifying period, it will not be counted towards the allocation of lucky draw chances.

    Nevertheless, you’ll receive special travel deals and perks for your upcoming trip!

  2. I have more than one trip planned. What should I do?

    To qualify for the lucky draw, you only need to submit the registration form once.

    As you’ll receive special travel deals and perks based on your upcoming trip details, we recommend that you complete one registration form per trip, in order to enjoy these perks for all of your trips.

    Look out for them via your mobile no., and email address registered with DBS. If you need to update your registered mobile no., or email address, just follow the instructions here.

  3. What exclusive travel deals and info can I expect to receive from providing my upcoming trip details?

    The perks can include special promo codes for travel insurance, hotel bookings, airport transfers etc. You may also receive tips on the destinations that you're travelling to. Look out for them via your mobile no., and email address registered with DBS.

    If you need to update your registered mobile no., or email address, just follow the instructions here.

  4. I have previously registered before, but my trip details have since changed. What do I do?

    To ensure that you receive special travel deals and perks that you can use for your trip, we recommend that you register again with your updated trip details.

  5. I’ve booked a trip with my DBS/POSB card on behalf of someone else but I’m not travelling on this trip. Can I indicate the details of this trip to complete the registration?

    Yes, you can. However, do note that you will be receiving personalized messages and deals via SMS and email based on the trip details you provided.

  6. I’m travelling to multiple cities. Which destination should I indicate?

    You should indicate the city that you will be spending the most time in.


  1. How would I know if I have won?

    The lucky draw is conducted on 1 February 2019, and we will publish the winners on DBS' website within 7 days from the draw. Winners will also be notified by post within 15 working days from the Draw, at the Winners' email and mailing address in DBS' records. If you need to update your registered mobile no., or email address, just follow the instructions here.

  2. If I've won, can I select my destination?

    No, the destinations are awarded to winners at random. The prize destinations are New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Shanghai (5 pairs each). However, you can arrange to change your ticket destination at your own expense, and subject to availability. Refer to T&C's Section 5 for full details.

  3. If I've won, can I select my travel dates?

    Yes. Redemption period is from 1 March - 31 May 2019, for travel period from 1 March - 31 December 2019, subject to seat availability.

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