DBS Multiplier Account


Singapore Dollar (SGD)
The interest rate you qualify for is determined by your monthly eligible transactions with DBS/POSB. To qualify for higher interest rates, you will need to

  1. Credit your salary to a DBS/POSB deposit account AND
  2. Transact in 1 or more of these 4 categories: Credit Card Spend, Home Loan Instalments, Insurance, Investments. Find out more here.

If your transactions do not meet the criteria, S$ balance in your DBS Multiplier Account will be accorded the prevailing interest rate for that month.

The higher interest rates of 1.55% p.a. - 3.5% p.a. are applicable only to the first S$50,000 in the DBS Multiplier Account.

 Interest Rate (p.a.)
Total eligible transactions per month Salary credit + transactions in 1 category Salary credit + transactions in 2 or more categories
<S$2,000 0.05% (p.a.) 0.05% (p.a.)
≥S$2,000 to <S$2,500 1.55% (p.a.) 1.80% (p.a.)
≥S$2,500 to <S$5,000 1.85% (p.a.) 2.00% (p.a.)
≥S$5,000 to <S$15,000 1.90% (p.a.) 2.20% (p.a.)
≥S$15,000 to <S$30,000 2.00% (p.a.) 2.30% (p.a.)
≥S$30,000 2.08% (p.a.) 3.50% (p.a.)


Foreign Currencies
The interest rate you qualify for is determined by your foreign currency balance as listed in the following 12 tables below.

Australian Dollar (AUD)
First AUD10,000 0.000%
Next AUD90,000 0.000%
Next AUD250,000 0.000%
Next AUD650,000 0.300%
Remaining balance >AUD1m 0.300%


Canadian Dollar (CAD)
First CAD10,000 0.000%
Next CAD90,000 0.000%
Next CAD250,000 0.000%
Next CAD650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >CAD1m 0.000%


Chinese Renminbi(Offshore) (CNH)
First CNH10,000 0.050%
Next CNH90,000 0.250%
Next CNH250,000 0.250%
Next CNH650,000 0.500%
Remaining balance >CNH1m 0.500%


Euro (EUR)
First EUR10,000 0.000%
Next EUR90,000 0.000%
Next EUR250,000 0.000%
Next EUR650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >EUR1m 0.000%


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
First HKD10,000 0.000%
Next HKD90,000 0.000%
Next HKD250,000 0.000%
Next HKD650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >HKD1m 0.000%


Japanese Yen (JPY)
First JPY1m 0.000%
Next JPY9m 0.000%
Next JPY25m 0.000%
Next JPY65m 0.000%
Remaining balance >JPY100m 0.000%


New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
First NZD10,000 0.000%
Next NZD90,000 0.000%
Next NZD250,000 0.000%
Next NZD650,000 0.300%
Remaining balance >NZD1m 1.050%


Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
First NOK10,000 0.000%
Next NOK90,000 0.000%
Next NOK250,000 0.000%
Next NOK650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >NOK1m 0.000%


Sterling Pound (GBP)
First GBP10,000 0.000%
Next GBP90,000 0.000%
Next GBP250,000 0.000%
Next GBP650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >GBP1m 0.000%


Swedish Kroner (SEK)
First SEK10,000 0.000%
Next SEK90,000 0.000%
Next SEK250,000 0.000%
Next SEK650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >SEK1m 0.000%


Thai Baht (THB)
First THB1m 0.000%
Next THB9m 0.000%
Next THB25m 0.000%
Next THB65m 0.000%
Remaining balance >THB100m 0.000%


US Dollar (USD)
First USD10,000 0.030%
Next USD90,000 0.030%
Next USD250,000 0.030%
Next USD650,000 0.050%
Remaining balance >USD1m 0.100%

Rates quoted are in % p.a. and are subject to change without prior notice.