DBS Multiplier Account

Singapore Dollar (SGD)
The interest rate you qualify for is determined by your monthly eligible transactions with DBS/POSB. To qualify for higher interest rates, you will need to

  1. Credit your income to a DBS/POSB deposit account AND
  2. Transact in 1 or more of these 4 categories: Credit Card Spend, Home Loan Instalments, Insurance, Investments. Find out more here.

If your transactions do not meet the criteria, S$ balance in your DBS Multiplier Account will be accorded the prevailing interest rate for that month.

The higher interest rates of 1.4% p.a. - 3.8% p.a. are applicable only up to the first S$100,000 in the DBS Multiplier Account.


Foreign Currencies
The interest rate you qualify for is determined by your foreign currency balance as listed in the following 12 tables below.

Australian Dollar (AUD)
First AUD10,000 0.000%
Next AUD90,000 0.000%
Next AUD250,000 0.000%
Next AUD650,000 0.300%
Remaining balance >AUD1m 0.300%


Canadian Dollar (CAD)
First CAD10,000 0.000%
Next CAD90,000 0.000%
Next CAD250,000 0.000%
Next CAD650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >CAD1m 0.000%


Chinese Renminbi(Offshore) (CNH)
First CNH10,000 0.050%
Next CNH90,000 0.250%
Next CNH250,000 0.250%
Next CNH650,000 0.500%
Remaining balance >CNH1m 0.500%


Euro (EUR)
First EUR10,000 0.000%
Next EUR90,000 0.000%
Next EUR250,000 0.000%
Next EUR650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >EUR1m 0.000%


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
First HKD10,000 0.000%
Next HKD90,000 0.000%
Next HKD250,000 0.000%
Next HKD650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >HKD1m 0.000%


Japanese Yen (JPY)
First JPY1m 0.000%
Next JPY9m 0.000%
Next JPY25m 0.000%
Next JPY65m 0.000%
Remaining balance >JPY100m 0.000%


New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
First NZD10,000 0.000%
Next NZD90,000 0.000%
Next NZD250,000 0.000%
Next NZD650,000 0.300%
Remaining balance >NZD1m 1.050%


Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
First NOK10,000 0.000%
Next NOK90,000 0.000%
Next NOK250,000 0.000%
Next NOK650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >NOK1m 0.000%


Sterling Pound (GBP)
First GBP10,000 0.000%
Next GBP90,000 0.000%
Next GBP250,000 0.000%
Next GBP650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >GBP1m 0.000%


Swedish Kroner (SEK)
First SEK10,000 0.000%
Next SEK90,000 0.000%
Next SEK250,000 0.000%
Next SEK650,000 0.000%
Remaining balance >SEK1m 0.000%


Thai Baht (THB)
First THB1m 0.000%
Next THB9m 0.000%
Next THB25m 0.000%
Next THB65m 0.000%
Remaining balance >THB100m 0.000%


US Dollar (USD)
First USD10,000 0.030%
Next USD90,000 0.030%
Next USD250,000 0.030%
Next USD650,000 0.050%
Remaining balance >USD1m 0.100%

Rates quoted are in % p.a. and are subject to change without prior notice.