Avoid Using Jailbroken / Rooted Mobile Devices

To protect your PayLah! account from security vulnerabilities.

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Important information

  1. Why did I receive a prompt in my PayLah! app saying my phone is not secure?
    This is an enhanced security measure introduced, due to the evolving scam landscape targeting DBS PayLah!. The security measures are introduced with the intention to safeguard your account. We have detected that the operating system (OS) installed in your mobile device has been modified/altered. This could be because your device has been jailbroken/rooted or there have been past attempts in doing so. To protect your accounts from security vulnerabilities like viruses and malicious attacks, we would recommend that you use an unmodified mobile device with an updated operating system.

  2. How can I have access to my PayLah! App?
    Please login to another unmodified mobile device that uses an up-to-date operating system and security updates to access the PayLah! app. Please ensure that your mobile device’s operating system, PayLah! app version and security updates are up to date. DBS PayLah! is only compatible with versions Apple 12.0 or Android 9.0 and above. For more details, you may visit DBS website on minimum operating system requirements.

  3. I need to use my PayLah! app urgently; what can I do?
    Please login on another unmodified mobile device that uses an updated operating system to access the PayLah! app.

  4. I do not have another device to use, how can I get my money inside my PayLah! App?
    Please Get in Touch with Us to request the closure of your account, the money inside the PayLah! app will be sent back to your linked account.

More information

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