Enable/Disable Card For Overseas Use

Learn how to enable / disable your card's overseas usage easily using digibank or at our DBS/POSB ATM.

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Important information

  • The risk of unauthorised transactions occurring on the Card is higher when the magnetic stripe is enabled for overseas use, as the magnetic stripe information can be easily copied.

How to Enable/ Disable Card For Overseas Use

There are various channels which you may Enable/Disable Card For Overseas Use with us. The most convenient method would be via digibank mobile.

digibank mobile
  • Log in to digibank mobile with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
  • Tap More, under Manage Cards & Loans select Enable/Disable Overseas Use.
  • Select the Card you wish to Enable/Disable for Overseas Use.
  • Toggle Allow Overseas Use to change the status of your card's overseas function* and tap Next.
  • Confirm the Details and tap Activate/Deactivate.

Don't have digibank?

Get the latest digibank mobile App now!

  • Log in to digibank online with your User ID & PIN and complete the authentication process.
  • Select the Card Account from the Card Selection List.
  • Amend the status of the overseas function of your Card's Magnetic Stripe to your preference.
  • Click Submit followed by Confirm to proceed.

Apply for digibank online

  • Insert your DBS/POSB Card to access your account
  • Key in your PIN
  • Select More Services
  • Select Card’s Magnetic Stripe for Overseas Use
  • Select Continue
  • Amend status of the overseas function of your Card's magnetic stripe to your preference
  • Follow instructions on the ATM screen to complete Submission

Find the nearest ATM using our Locator.

More information

  • Setting activation dates will auto-deactivate your card's overseas function after the specified end date.
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