Rejected CPF/SRS Trades

Find out what will happen if a trade you placed through your CPFIS/SRS account is rejected.

Your CPF/SRS agent bank will inform DBS Vickers of your rejected CPF/SRS Trades. If such cases arise, our staff will contact you and your trade will be changed to an ordinary cash trade.
Type of Transaction
Settlement Process
Buy Transaction
Depending on your regular mode of payment, you will have to pay by cash, cheque, GIRO or EPS. Alternatively, funds will be debited via your Multi-Currency Account (MCA).
Sell Transaction
If you hold sufficient shares in your CDP securities account, the shares will be debited from your CDP securities account on the settlement date. However, if you have insufficient shares on the settlement date, a “buy-in” will be conducted by SGX to cover the “short-sell” position.
  • Your trade may have been rejected by the CPF/SRS agent bank due to insufficient funds or shares.
  • Please contact your CPF/SRS agent bank for more information on the approval criteria.

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