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Being good with money is a journey. From managing your budgets and investments to planning for your kids and retirement, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to personal finance. Start easy with DBS & POSB Community, a safe and lively community of members looking to level up their money game.

What makes DBS & POSB Community different? No registration required. Simply login securely with your digibank ID to take part in conversations around personal finance with other like-minded members and experts in the industry. On DBS & POSB Community, financial knowledge is made accessible and easy to understand through useful infographics, events hosted by industry experts, and insightful conversations within the community.

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Join DBS & POSB Community and get access to:

  • Conversations and tips around personal finance management from your community managers, helpful members, as well as DBS experts
  • Events and webinars around personal finance to connect with like-minded community members and grow in money management knowledge together
  • Exclusive resources and educational materials to keep you up to date and well equipped to navigate your finances
  • Contests and other fun activities so you’re always on top of your financial literacy game

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