Important Note – Shari’a compliant products/ Sukuk products

These products and/or investment structures are deemed by external issuers to be Shari'a-compliant, and/or stated in the issuer documentation to be approved by relevant esteemed Shari'a councils and/or advisors. The terms of these products would hence likely be Shari'a specific, and in accordance with Shari'a principles. Trade documentation issued by us as the intermediary (such as transaction advices, summaries or commentaries) apply generally to all types of products and may not be entirely similar or aligned with the terminology found in the issuer documentation. Should you require further details, please reach out to your Relationship Manager prior to any investment. Otherwise, we note that by proceeding with an investment in these products, you have assessed that you have relied on the offer documents and that any potential and actual differences in our said intermediary transaction documents would not interfere with nor detract from your individual standards of adherence with Shari'a principles.