Up to 5.12%* p.a. for USD, GBP, AUD & HKD

Can I set the maturity instruction at the point of placement or after placement is done?

Yes, you may select one of the following maturity instructions:

  • Renew the principal and interest amounts;
  • Withdraw the principal and interest amounts; or
  • Renew the principal amount and withdraw the interest.

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Where can I check for the current foreign currency exchange rates?

You can refer to our foreign exchange rates here.

Will there be early withdrawal fee levied for Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit placements?

An early withdrawal fee may be imposed. Also, you may earn less or no interest if you withdraw your fixed deposit before maturity. Learn More

How do you compute the early withdrawal fee for Fixed Deposit (FD)?

There are multiple factors that determine the early withdrawal fee for a Fixed Deposit, including:

  • The rate quoted on the premature withdrawal date; and
  • Remaining number of days which are not fulfilled ie. from premature withdrawal date to original maturity date

Alternatively, you can access digibank (Fixed Deposit Premature Withdrawal service) on the premature withdrawal date to check if there is any applicable premature withdrawal fee for your placement.

We encourage you to place a shorter tenor FD if you foresee using your funds in the short-term. This can help you avoid any early withdrawal fee or reduction/loss of interest earned. Learn More