FAQ - Singapore Government Securities (SGS) Application

  1. What are Singapore Government Securities (SGS)?

    SGS are marketable debt instruments issued by the Government of Singapore through the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). These debt instruments can be in the form of either Treasury bills or bonds. The Singapore Government is obliged to pay the holder of the Treasury bill or bond a fixed sum of money on the maturity date of the security. Thus, when you buy SGS, you are lending your money to the Singapore Government and in return you will receive interest payment.

    Click here for more information on SGS Bonds and T-Bills. Alternatively, you may want to consult your investment adviser or any of the SGS primary dealers.

  2. Where can I make application for SGS?

    As DBS is one of the primary dealers for SGS, you can either apply for SGS via any of DBS/POBS ATMs or through DBS iBanking within the securities issuing period. Once the securities tender has been closed, you can only purchase SGS over the counters at any of DBS/POBS branches.

  3. Who can apply for SGS via DBS iBanking?

    As long as you have an active iBanking account and a valid CDP Securities Account, you are eligible to use this service.

  4. How do I make application for SGS via DBS iBanking?

    You can follow the simple steps below to apply for SGS online.
    1. Select "Investment and Trading" on iBanking left side menu
    2. Click on "Singapore Government Securities Application"
    3. Choose Application Type : T-Bill Application or Bond Application
    4. Select the available securities and accept T&C
    5. Fill in the Application Details and Payment Details
    6. Click "Submit"
    Upon completion, a transaction reference number will be generated for your reference.

  5. What are the hours that I can apply SGS via DBS iBanking?

    The online application for SGS is open on every Wednesday from 6:00pm until Friday, 9:00pm. All applications must be submitted before the cut-off time of Friday 9:00pm.

  6. How do I know that my SGS transaction is successful?

    You can check your transaction under your iBanking account transaction history as well as your physical account statement. As long as there is no full refund of your application after the tender has closed, the bidding for the securities transaction is deemed as successful. The description for the SGS application will be stated as per below:-

    Example of Transaction Description
    Singapore Government Securities (SGS) Application      $5,000.00
       SGS-N200110N  :  I-BANK

  7. Will I be charge for applying SGS via DBS iBanking?

    There is currently no service charge imposed for the SGS application via DBS iBanking.

  8. What if my SGS application via DBS iBanking is not successful?

    There will be a full refund of the application amount back to your debiting account after the closing date of application.

  9. Is there a minimum investment amount for my SGS application via DBS iBanking?

    The minimum investment amount for both SGS T-Bills and bonds is S$1000 and you can invest in multiples of S$1000.

  10. Can I use my CPF Funds to buy SGS via DBS iBanking?

    You can only use your funds in any of your DBS/POSB account to buy SGS via iBanking.

    The accounts available for this service are as follows:-

    • Personal or Joint-alternate accounts
    • DBS Savings Plus, DBS Current/Autosave
    • POSB Savings, POSB Current

    Please note that Joint-All accounts, Trust-Minor accounts, or MySavings Accounts (MSA) will not be available for the SGS application via iBanking.

  11. Where can I obtain daily SGS prices?

    Daily SGS prices are published on the SGS website.

  12. Where can I obtain the list of SGS Issuance?

    You can obtain the list on the SGS Issuance Calendar at SGS website.