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Live more, Bank less

This year marks DBS’ 50th anniversary. Launched in 1968 as the Development Bank of Singapore, with the goal of financing Singapore’s fledgling industries and growing new ones, DBS is today fast transforming itself into a 26,000-strong start-up, serving Singaporeans and others around the region with digital innovation at its core.

Indeed, banking has changed tremendously in the past five decades. What do you remember of your local bank when you were growing up? Take this quiz to find out how banking with DBS has evolved.

Question 1

In 1972, DBS set up its first branch in Jurong. To better serve factory workers in the area, a team of two staff set up desk at shipyards and factories to _____________?

The Development Bank of Singapore's (DBS) first branch in Jurong

Question 2

Today, convenience means 24-hour banking services available right at your fingertips. But back in 1975, DBS made banking more convenient by being the first to introduce _______. What service was it?

Branch staff serving a customer

Question 3

DBS broke new ground in 1980 by introducing the first interest-bearing current account in Singapore. What was it called?

The first interest-bearing current account

Question 4

In 1986, a service which allowed customers to perform a range of routine banking transactions without visiting the branch was introduced. What service was it?

Making a call on a landline phone

Question 5

Which year did DBS launch funds transfer on Internet banking?

An early iteration of DBS Internet Banking services

Question 6

Before paying with your mobile phone became a norm, DBS pioneered secure contactless payments using NFC technology and introduced it in 2012. What was it called?

Secure contactless payments using NFC

Question 7

A new way of banking was introduced in 2016. Paperless and signatureless, it pulled together an entire suite of innovative technologies to bring customers a whole new way of banking. What was this?

DBS digibank app


You’re a DBS Novice

Welcome to DBS! It's obvious you're new here. We’ve many exciting things ahead and we look forward to getting to know you better.


You’re a DBS Rookie

Not too familiar with DBS? Don't fret. We may have 50 years behind us, but more importantly, a bright future ahead. We look forward to helping you live more, bank less.


You’re a DBS Expert

It seems like you’re pretty familiar with the services and products that DBS has rolled out over the years. More exciting things lie ahead and we look forward to helping you live more, bank less.


You’re a DBS Guru!

Congratulations! Your answers show that you know DBS like the back of your hand. More exciting things lie ahead and we look forward to helping you live more, bank less.

Journeying with you

Banking has evolved tremendously through the years, and DBS has always aimed to provide you with services that meet your needs. Today, banking with DBS is more accessible than ever. The growth of smartphones usage has meant that every phone can be transformed into a branch, allowing for easy and convenient access to banking services. Here’s a look at the direction of banking in Singapore.

Cashless payments

DBS Autobank ATM vs DBS PayLah!

Remember the days when your savings passbook was the key to your bank account? Then came the ATM card which allowed you to skip the branch queues and make account withdrawals and deposits right from your neighbourhood. While passbooks and ATM cards haven’t become completely obsolete, the arrival of banking apps on our smartphones, like DBS digibank, means that you’re now able to do a whole lot more, with greater ease, and from anywhere you wish.

We’re also carrying a lot less cash these days. With the ability to make purchases with a swipe of a credit card, a wave of a smartphone, or scan of a QR code, going “cashless” might be literally keeping our wallets lighter. Most importantly, all transactions are secure, as we make cashless banking safer and more convenient for you.

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Paperless processes

DBS Internet Kiosk vs DBS iBanking

We’re trying to cut down on our environmental impact as well. From digital-only accounts, to monthly e-statements, we’re making our earth a bit greener for everyone, while improving efficiency.

Through digibank, you can easily access over 150 banking services. Perform an overseas remittance, start an investment, apply for insurance and credit cards, change your PIN codes or even open a new account, all on your mobile phone.

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Getting more done

Have a banking need while at the malls? Make a trip to a Digital Lobby (enhanced self-service banking lobby) to make use of the Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs), a smart upgrade from ATMs that allows for more transactions to be performed.

Our Virtual Assistant and Help & Support portal are also ready to help you get answers to your queries fast.

DBS branch at Plaza Singapure - then vs now

Even how you bank has evolved – where once you might have to meet a bank staff at the branch, these days you’ll be able to find out more about our banking services over an iced latte at DBS-Bettr Barista Branch at Plaza Singapura. The Bettr Barista Coffee Academy is also a social enterprise, providing training and job opportunities to disadvantaged youths and women, so you can do good and help them by getting a cuppa on non-banking trips to the store.

Embracing rapid changes in technology, we focus on providing the best for you, the environment and the society. We’ve been at it for over 50 years, and we look forward to serving you as your Digital Bank of Singapore, your familiar DBS.


Question 1
With a team of 12, and a deadline of three weeks to get ready, the first DBS branch opened in Jurong in 1972, routinely welcoming “fishmongers and stallholders”. Read more

Question 2
Taking customer convenience up a notch, we took the lead in extending banking hours on Saturday way back in 1975. The first three branches to offer Saturday afternoon banking were Katong, Toa Payoh and Orchard Road.

Question 3
DBS Autosave was the first interest-bearing current account in Singapore when it launched in 1980. It was unheard of then, that a customer could enjoy checking facilities and earn interest, all with just one account!

Question 4
In 1986, DBS launched DBS Autophone. While there were no mobile phones back then, most households would have a landline telephone. With DBS Autophone, customers were able to conveniently do their banking without visiting a branch.

Question 5
DBS became the first bank in the region to launch comprehensive Internet banking in 1997, before the new millennium. Services offered included bill payments and online loan applications.

Question 6
DBS One.Tap was launched in 2012, and we were the first Singapore bank to introduce this convenient service. DBS PayLah! was launched in 2014, a mobile wallet that could do so much more.

Question 7
You should be familiar with digibank by now. You can easily complete many important tasks through the digibank app, including opening a new account, applying for new credit cards and even getting a loan.


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