No cash? No problem. One app for the weekend is all you need

Weekend Challenge: Can one app be all you need?

We’ve all experienced this: It’s the day you’ve been waiting for all week - the weekend! A packed one with errands, long-awaited catch up sessions and some #selfcare you’ve looked forward to in a while – all while maintaining a one-metre distance away from others and with masks on, of course.

But here’s a twist: Can you survive an entire weekend with nothing but your mobile phone?

In the spirit of taking up a challenge and trying new things, here’s what a weekend using just DBS PayLah! can look like.

Saturday, 12nn: Delivery for Lunch was free

Weekends are for sleeping in – because you can! Before you know it, it’s time for lunch.

One of the best things about Singapore is the abundance of good food, sometimes right at your doorstep. And even better – WhyQ is now on DBS PayLah! and your favourite hawker stall is on WhyQ.

It’s a lazy morning so typing in your card details is something you’d gladly pass. You make an order right from within your PayLah! app, only to realise that you can enjoy free delivery using code WHYQPAYLAH. If only you weren’t a new user, that’d have gotten you a whole S$6* off!

Saturday, 2pm: Could have saved time walking to the AXS machine…

From the corner of your eye you see a mobile phone bill sitting on your desk seemingly collecting dust - it’s been another work-from-home month full of meetings and projects and it totally slipped your mind. Thankfully nothing’s been disrupted. A post-lunch walk to the AXS machine sounds like a good idea as the food coma is setting in.

After spotting the AXS machine, a realisation hits your mind: You can actually pay your bills via AXS from right within DBS PayLah!. OK, the app used by everyone to transfer money really does more than just … transfer money, you think to yourself. It also could have saved you the walk…  

Saturday, 3pm: Earned CapitaStar Rewards instantly without needing to scan receipts

Time for some post-lunch shopping! Your dad’s birthday is coming up, and you’re thinking of getting him a foot massager to help him relax.

The nearby CapitaLand mall offers CapitaStar Rewards - which is doubly good news, as it’s now on the PayLah! app as well. Gone are the days of remembering to snap photos of receipts to gain STAR$.

Plus, STAR$ earned from buying this gift can eventually go towards eVouchers. They’ll be useful for offsetting the weekly grocery shop or a meal out with family. Yes, this is a bonus “life hack” to be remembered!

Saturday, 7pm: Ordered KFC delivery conveniently

It’s dinnertime but the crowds are just starting to gather, and you’re still not too hungry from lunch. Instead, you decide to head to your partner’s house and order dinner while on the way there. He has a fried chicken craving so the choice is made - KFC it shall be! Instead of looking for the website or downloading a new food delivery app, you make the order on DBS PayLah!, pay for your meal, and look forward to receiving it shortly after reaching your destination.

Sunday, 10am: Saved S$45 on brunch – and your best friends thank you for that

Time for brunch with two of your best friends! But there are two problems: No one has decided on where to go, and you’re running late.

Solution 1: Just tap on DBS PayLah! and check out the ChopeDeals available. Get a discount on your brunch bill (the restaurant you’ve selected gives you 30% off) - and get a further S$9* off the price of the voucher thanks to DBS PayLah!.

Solution 2: Take a ComfortDelGro Taxi there, since you’re able to book and pay for your ride from within the PayLah! app. Advantages include knowing exactly which cab you took, giving you peace of mind during the COVID-19 period. Plus it’s all cashless, putting you and the driver less at risk. Also: Avoided being chided by the best friend for being late.

Hooray for a discounted Sunday brunch and yay to not having to remember that you have to pay your share to your friends! Thanks to the bill split functionality in PayLah! which took care of that effortlessly.

Sunday, 4pm: Saved S$3 at the movies

The sequel to a blockbuster is out and your FOMO is in. After checking showtimes, it’s decided you’ll head to Golden Village at VivoCity for the movie, and book tickets in advance using PayLah! especially since cinemas can only accommodate 50 people per hall in light of COVID-19.

You realise you can save more than S$3* on a ticket and popcorn combo, without needing to join the queue or navigate a website. Win-win all around!

Sunday, 7pm: Enjoyed S$2 cashback at Daiso, plus no need to fumble with cash

Time to pop by Daiso to stock up on some Japanese snacks! At the cashier, you see a NETS QR code and realise there’s no need to fumble with the cash in your wallet. It was such a breeze - simply a matter of tapping on your DBS PayLah! app and scanning the QR code, much like how SafeEntry is being used nowadays.

You notice a 10% cashback* on your bill too – having this S$2 cashback from PayLah! is like having an item free!

There’s even an additional plus for hygiene considerations - it’s better for all parties involved, as cash may harbour microbes that could make us fall ill!

Sunday, 10pm: Reviewed credit card transactions in one view

One of your to-dos this weekend to check off - offsetting your credit card transactions. This is to ensure you are not spending beyond your budget and making sure you are on top of your bills. Thankfully, you can do so via DBS PayLah!.

With a slight sense of trepidation, you check your balance and realise all is well. You’ve spent within your means, saved some money, and overall had a fulfilling weekend.

More people should know about this, you think, before drifting off to sleep. Maybe you can tell them tomorrow about how DBS PayLah! made everything so convenient, easy and effortless while helping you save money!  

Can you really head out with no cash and one app for the weekend? Give DBS PayLah! a go and find out what you’ve been missing!


*Note: Promotions are valid at time of publishing of article in August 2020.

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